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  1. Trading altitude for stability will put you in the corner very quickly.
  2. I don't think so at all. A loose pin could easily have downed that plane. Did you tell him what happened on the ground? If not, be sure you explain it next time you see him. A lack of a little verbal commo was the problem here, not your vigilance.
  3. When I was leaving The Farm Sunday one of the newer jumpers said they didn't think they were coming out this weekend because they didn't really know Beezy and didn't think it would be right. I can understand this thinking when you are new to the sport, but Beezy would be very unhappy with you for not coming to his party. 'Old School' will be represented and it should be a grand affair. Please don't stay away.
  4. Please use the buddy system as well. If you see someone heading off, land with them. I've done this a number of times- well within gliding distance of the DZ but taken an intentional out to watch someone's back.
  5. You may be tucking the slider into the canopy with the nose. Pull the front of it back out so it's quartered before you wrap the tail. It can't do it's job if it doesn't catch the air on the correct side.
  6. It's worth what someone will pay you for it. The only way to find out is to put it on the market. Look around various gear sites and see what others are asking.
  7. Fatality stats and incident report information are available through the USPA. I suggest you contact them if you are looking for information for a news article- the fatality database here is not complete or inclusive of jumplane incidents.
  8. Aaaaaaaand exit stage left........ [Director que] New userid enter stage right..............
  9. Forget them and walk across the tarmac to jump the otter being flown by The Farm!
  10. Get a cheap used pro-tec. Decide what you want for keeps later on in your career. You might decide FF isn't your thing and want a Z1 for belly, or CREW turns out to be your gig, or you go camera and want something with a good side-mount d-box. Go used and cheap for misc when you're starting out and save up the cash. Then go cheap and used for what you decide you want.
  11. That's not the water, it's actually something in the air.
  12. Contrary to popular student belief, marginal weather days are actually good days to go out and hang at the DZ. Optimistic jumpers still come out hoping for a break, don't want to sacrifice to the beer gods right away, and are typically fawking bored. You can usually find someone with the heart of a teacher that will show you the basics.
  13. Take a pro-tec and pull the top pad out. There's enough room there to fit a pair of shorts in case you land off. Enjoy!
  14. That's becoming a common theme. Moss Point, MS Monroe, GA Paris, TN and now Delmarva