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  1. I've kept a log with what I was doing, what I paid, and how long I flew. Helps me look at what stages I was progressing fastest, and what stages I stalled at (each time I stopped paying for a coach basically). Coaching turned out to be about a third more expensive, but roughly doubled the effectiveness of the time. (i.e. well worth it, at least for me) Also means that my girlfriend gets to confirm that she's learning faster than I did a year or so ago (she's competitive like that!)
  2. equally airtime doesn't equal tunnel - there's a massive bit of my brain that tries to not hit the walls and net in the tunnel.
  3. Thanks - I found that much more useful than the resolution tester comparison.
  4. (upthread it says): The only difference to the two cameras is the CX100 is 60Hz interlaced video, and the 105 /"100 PAL/Euro edition" (whatever) is 50Hz interlaced (60i and 50i respectively). I'm also interested in any experiences of trying the 100 in Europe, as the 100 on B&H is about $150 cheaper than the 100E, which would be nice!
  5. I'm thinking of changing my camera helmet from a hawkeye sidemount pc105 cookie box deal to a tonfly topmount 105 hd set. The two options seem to be the CC1 which has a flat top, and the FULKRON, which is angled downwards. (see: for the differences) I wonder if anyone's used a FULKRON helmet yet, and if they think it's OK for general freefly (all angles), or whether it's just really for the VFS filming etc? I'm wondering if it'll help me get out of the slight chin towards chest habit I think I picked up from my side mount? Obviously the advantage of the CC1 is that I can mount my cookie box with pc105 on the side (with an extra ZSKULLS thing) and also will be much better filming students on belly... (Edited as got confused between rawa and tonfly)
  6. I've taken quite a few people from my university skydiving club to Airkix for their first time in the tunnel, some flying 20 minutes or more. I'd have to recommend the coaches that work for Airkix full time as they have the experience of instructing day-in-day-out at the tunnel. A lot of them do freelance coaching as well, and all of them know the skills that will help you out in the sky - just make sure that you tell them your goals and experience!
  7. I experienced exactly the same thing flying a Sabre 2 150 (at about 1.35 lb/sf) behind my friend's demo Optimum 126. It's at 3 minutes 42: Scared the crap out of me, especially as it took AGES to regain cell pressure, and what with Gap being turbulent during the middle of the day the whole of the rest of the ride was bumpy anyway. Scariest moment of the trip until the car crash...
  8. "If you're a skydiver you're also a Pro-Flyer" - Airkix website. Just tell them you've not done tunnel before and they'll show you the intro video just like everyone else's first time. Airkix has lots of fantastic coaches and instructors who coach - you're unlikely to go wrong!
  9. Shit - has anyone got any liquid-paper!?
  10. That's because of the speed differences, not because they can't do a belly star. Both speed rounds complete in the Maubeuge 2008 championships. Watch the videos:
  11. I've done about 300 sit fly jumps, and 2 hours sit in the tunnel recently. What is the best way to start Head Down currently? I'm leaning towards just cracking on in the tunnel as A) I live in the UK and, while I can fly in Airkix whenever I like, I can't necessarily jump whenever I like. Also B) 2 hours in Airkix is costing me £900 which is probably an ambitious amount to get even 10 coached jumps from Babylon, Ippo, Volare etc even if you include transport to Spain etc. 2 hours tunnel or 10 coached jumps I guess is the question?
  12. Jump numbers do not bring ... common sense. Clearly: you have loads of jumps and can't work out that someone was trolling from my account.
  13. Haha - I left my PC logged in to at the DZ. Error.
  14. Are you sure that you should be giving advice like that at only 271 jumps? I've been sorta blacklisted from the flocks at my local DZ so no flocks for me... but nice idea! Btw how do you get out of a flat spin? I ended up just pulling and kicking out the twists. Thank god I got the LQRS.