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  1. I've been away for too long, and am wondering if there are plans for an AOT boogie this year at Skydive Aggieland, anyone know?
  2. This post is just food for thought. The vast majority of aircraft on aircraft mid-air collisions are on clear days with unrestricted visibility. Reguardless of regulation, ATC is much more effective at keeping skydivers and planes from occupying the same airspace than the human eye will ever be. Unfortunately it is the human eye that is held responsible when things go bad.
  3. It has been a few years since the last post.What is out there today in respect to small point and shoot digi cameras that can easily be adapted to a remote/ bite or tongue switch
  4. No way, Ankie is gone?! I was really looking forward to ordering another rig or two from her next week. How long has she been gone?
  5. I would advise Zhills first on your list. I tried to do the same thing this past December that you are doing, but over a 2.5 week span. Drove to Zhills first, and didnt leave for 6 weeks. That DZ has it all. Not that the others don't, but Zhills is great. Friendly people(in all disciplines), great vibe, and tons of experience.
  6. Hey phil...thanks for the weather info. Just so you know, the weather here has been beautiful too, just no dropzones anywhere
  7. Or when someone demo's a wingsuit for their first wingsuit jump, and downwinds it across a taxiway tearing holes all over it. :)
  8. Id be there again this year todd, but I'm overseas. You can go ahead and pencil me in for AOTMB 2008 though...unless we get extended
  9. Just thought Id check out this forum to see how much fun I am going to be missing out on this year. So far, it all looks pretty lame, especially if chucky will be out there. I guess everyone will be dialing the party down fairly early then. Jk, looks like this year is going to be great. I am jealous.
  10. Chuck will the bird house be open this weekend for me to pick up my stuff?
  11. thanks for the feedback. I dont really need to hold out, I will be taking one day trips, but not just one. It is just convenient for me to fly, and I dont want to pay for hotels and bla bla bla. When does SV silicon valley open?
  12. I am looking for a one day trip to a tunnel, but I dont live near one. Which US tunnel is near enough to a major airport to take a cab to and from?
  13. Weather this weekend is going to crap out on us. Who is interested in jumping the pac tomorrow instead of working?
  14. cakeboy


    I am not going to make it back to the flock this weekend due to the cancellation of so many flights up north. I guess the skies over Zhills will remain safe for one more weekend