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  1. Delivery to Perris is great when you are going there to jump / a friend is, as it's saves a small fortune on international postage fees. :)
  2. There were a few threads on here, and UKS where people made complaints about KK, mostly about small transactions. Everyone shot them down and called bullshit on them though. I fell for it all, and bought a rig from him. Thank fuck I actually got mine though. I had agreed a price that was to include having my rig fully assembled and delivered to Perris, but after 'problems' it was not assembled when it all arrived at Perris, so I had to pay GBP100, which was never refunded to me as promised. I also sent him some cash (not a huge amount) for a 2nd hand pilot chute that never came, and got email after email of excuses and reasons why it never arrived. Promises of hoodies and a couple of pairs of gatorz etc. Obviously never came, and all got stuck by customs or something. In hindsight it seems ridiculous that so many people fell for his excuses, especially looking back at how obviously lame and repetitive they were. Myself included. I honestly can't see this happening elsewhere, must be a skydiver thing to place so much trust in people on the internet hey? I'm kicking myself for actually depositing £3.5k ish into a Royal Bank of Scotland account belonging to the girlfriend of a bloke in Australia. Sounds fucking dumb now doesn't it? At least I was lucky enough to be towards the bottom of the ponzi, as my rig was probably bought with the cash that should have paid for someone else's rig. All that said, I'm not convinced Gary did all this maliciously though, I think it was more through poor business practices, a lot of bullshitting and a huge amount of denial.
  3. I think you'll find that the phrase is 'cheese eating surrender monkeys'
  4. It may look like Maggie Simpson giving head, but racist? Nope. Just a bit of shit stirring.
  5. Shit, what a fucking mess! I feel very lucky to have ordered/received a rig through KK before all this kicked off. Looks like he forgot basic business principles in order to get big quick by selling cheap, then kept taking orders to try and pay for previous orders etc etc till the credit ran out. I feel for the people involved in this!
  6. English healthcare is very good; having experienced the NHS (myself/family) from A&E (or ER for you guys) up to ICU. Excellent. My experience of hospital treatment in the USA however, well that's another story! Awful (admittedly only one hospital and probably not indicative of the whole lot). While people bitch and moan about the NHS, it is a world class system, that provides care for all, not just those who can afford it. Anyway, sorry for the thread drift, I guess this will probably be deleted as it's not in SC.
  7. Haha, knew someone would say that! No need to worry, we are staying the night in a hostel, the ferry back to England from Calais isn't till 23:30 the next day! 8hrs is nowhere near enough to sober up!
  8. I'm doing a little road trip for my Birthday to Bruges for the day, then onto Antwerp for a night out before driving back to England. Can anyone reccomend some options for going out for the night (it'll be a thursday)? Any decent bars / night clubs you can reccomend? Cheers!
  9. For medical cover I can recommend Adrenaline travel insurance. I paid 50 quid for 2 weeks cover, and I can say from experience that they are great when you have to claim! Got me a first class flight home!
  10. I'd double check whether Columbus will cover you. When I was organising insurance for my old university's club trip to Perris, I emailed them for confirmation on a few things and was told that their definition of 'parachuting' was static line jumps only, and that they would not cover anything else. I used Adrenaline last year, and they where great when I had to claim.
  11. There's probably something wrong with anyone who wasn't at least a bit scared on their first jump. You probably won't die. Go jump.