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  1. I'm sure I'm in the wrong place for this but figured I have to start somewhere. I'm looking to get back into jumping and need a rig, but I would like to trade my Harley for one if at all possible. Looking for a 240 main (I'm a big guy) not to particular on brand for any part would like to stay around the blue and/or red color. I have a 97 ultra classic, if interested let me know, or if this isn't allowed just delete thank you.
  2. Yeah i was thinking buil right into the visor. i know it would be expensive and probably not very practical, but i would like it lol. maybe some day in the future when we have flying cars and jet packs like the Jetsons.
  3. So here i sit in Iraq with little to nothing to do since im coming home soon, and i got to thinking (scary huh) would it be possible to have an on-visor alt display? Im not sure but it may have been thought up and even tryed. Any ideas out there or am i just bat shit crazy??
  4. that was a crazy night, we blew up a rooster that was killing the hens. just remember young rednecks + booze + explosives + to much time = disaster.
  5. Fellow 11B here except i was in Iraq 2003-04-05-06-09-10. safe to say those first few years were rough. no were near as bad as Nam, all my respect to you namgrunt and your fellow men of your time
  6. I love every second that im in the Army, wouldnt trade it for anything. Even with the 4 deployments
  7. congrats on makin it back, maybe ill see you at the DZ when i get back in 6 months.
  8. Ive been faced with this several times like im sure most here has. recently we had a pet rat (yes rat) who got a tumor in her mouth and was unable to eat. the wife took this $8 rat to the vet ($17 visit) and later had it put to sleep ($20 for drugs/time) i loved that rat but i could have bought 2 more and a toy for them at that price
  9. on my AFF 9 jump my left riser cover came undone and slapped me all the way down to 4500. not the same but at the time i had no idea what the hell was going on lol.
  10. asking permission is the forst step for getting denyed lol. but seriously someone covored it already, unless his command stats that he HAS ro have permission then he should be ok. I had a Team leader that competed in a local rodeo until he fractured his leg 3 times, then our command said NO.
  11. This story also takes place in Bragg. There i was on CQ (where all good stories begin) when the CQ from Aco called us saying that our men were being very loud. At the time we had the old 1950 barracks and since our Co was so small we were in a diferent building than our CP. I was sent over to see what the fuss was about and noticed a large line down the hall and into the stairwell. As i followed the line many people grummbled at me for cutting in line. Once i made it to the front of the line it went into a room were i noticed my first "barracks train" and i was totaly amazed at the sight. Sadly i had to report it and it was then broken up
  12. your right occupation isnt the complete goal and thats what is keeping every Afgahn from takig arms and waging the war we know there capable of. were fighting radicals and people wh just want to get paid for killing Americans.
  13. Your right on the fact that the Russians had a brutal way of fighting the only thing that stopped them from success was there lack of organization and cooperation within there own ranks. Now if we do the same im sure we can get it done.
  14. Kinda weird but i have to agree with Amazon on this one. KBR has made a fortune off us not to mention all the other places that are just banking from doing nothing here. thats why we need to get KBR and most all the other usless companies out of here and the the miitary run there own supply.