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  1. prada

    Parents With Young Children

    you only have 30000 jumps/year in the US? I would believe it is quite a lot more, no? thanks for info ingo
  2. prada

    Tandem jump goes to sh*t...

    Awesome... the FALK is one of the first birds I jumped from! Nice to see her back, ... for the original video, I sit here with my mouth open and speechless... what the f***..!!! they should ban the TI forever.. my 5 cents as a noob. Prada
  3. Lol - somehow I think you know exactly what I was trying to explain to the guy with the sprained ankle... :-)
  4. I am only a beginner, but what I think is, there is no relevant connection between fall rate and landing/flaring. Except may be that the faster you come down the better the flaring actually works. But from the physics you have to understand that flaring is not the same as 'air-braking' like it worked with vintage round canopies. In fact, what you do when flaring is you change the shape of your wing and create a course change from 'going down' to 'going up' - exactly like when a pilot of an airplane changes the shape of the wings to create upstream or downstream. Landing a modern canopy is timing the moment of the course change to the right distance above ground in order to relatively to the earth decrease the speed. But the speed change does not come from air braking - only from the directional change. (bit difficult to explain in English / not my mother tongue) Therefore the before reached velocity has no influence on the quality of the "brake", except for the fact that if you are not fast enough, the flare will not function and thus no directional change can happen... my five cents Prada
  5. prada

    Out of the box editing computer

    Lol - that must be the reason, why all the video pro's I know, work with Apple, on the dropzone AND in real life (TV, movie etc) Best, Prada
  6. hmmm, careful now... together with A gay Dave (was that really his name?) you walk into a very illegal direction now...
  7. ok - I spoil the game and give you a few hints (which ultimately proves how much of a noob I am, BTW - and you should never ever listen to a noobs advice, but that is a logic bomb you'll have to deal with)... first of all, unless you haven't tried already, you never know how your body will react the first time (and the couple of following times) when he is thrown out of an airplane in 4000m height and rushed towards the earth at terminal velocity. Some people react with a sensory overflow, which for example results in them smiling and doing nothing else anymore - also or especially do they not open their parachutes, and would die an ugly death, if not the instructors or the AAD does the job for them. then the flying or falling itself - believe it or not - requires skills, which are learned quite slowly since the learning time is reduced drastically by means of a ball of rock in your flight way (called Earth) coming at you with 300km/h after only approximately 50-60 seconds . So each time you repeat you only have less than a minute of learning time. flying skills are best tried instead of explained. then - when you're aware enough to open your chute in time - there are a few different ways how the opening sequence can go wrong, eg. resulting in a tightly packed ball of fabric which does not break your fall at all and does not serve as a wing either... what you would like instead is a parachute, but you keep closing in hard... what you do then and how good you do it and how fast (because time is running out quickly) is 90% of what you learn during the first 2 days of a decent course... further questions or did I spike your fantasy a bit? best, Prada
  8. hehe, yeah, they are the ones, which get you up onto jump height...
  9. prada

    Tow launching!?

    You could always change the P into a C (for Canopy) and put it up first: "CBASE" then it sounds either like a new programming language or the sound you make when you hit the ground trying the tow launching ...
  10. Hi there we all know that AFF has an accelerated learning curve in the beginning, hence the name... But I would be curious if there is data about the amount of people staying in the sports after the one or the other method. There is this funny gap somewhere between 40-80 jumps where I have the impression that potential skydivers quit although they went a long way already... I wonder if there is a higher or lower rate of these when they learned it either with S/L or with AFF. Does anyone have numbers / statistics on that matter? thanks and regards Prada