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  1. oh? how about the one under your foreskin? I'll leave it for you ok, i'll lick it off later
  2. oh? how about the one under your foreskin?
  3. thinking of more sentences to start with the word So.... so, tell me why you start a sentence with the word "So"
  4. i prefer a nice cheddar, what's your favourit
  5. do i have to read asking boring questions like "what is your middle name" or "if you were a girl, what would...blah blah blah"
  6. BV's point is well made. Those that pay for it deserve to pay. But a good student with a good attitude will always get the extra attention from up-jumpers for free. and you know that for a fact at every DZ do you... you know that's how it is at every DZ in England do you? all i see again in this topic, is yanks saying how it is in their dream world (in USA) and saying because they have a few thousand jumps, they know that's how it is everywhere... and don't dare to say they are wrong because they have 2300 jumps makes me want to piss myself laughing
  7. my great grandmother slipped and slightly bruised her left ear, i received 147 E vibes for her and it did the trick, she was back to her normal self after only 4 months big hugs to your grandfather
  8. think about what you're trying to do teach a yank the finer points of the English language, not a chance mate they're too busy saying "sucks" "blows" and any other garbage they say on a regular basis (and before an Einsteins correct my grammar, i'm aloud to get it wrong, I'm English )
  9. Stiffler


    yes, bet thats not the first time you've done that to a bloke eh?
  10. Stiffler


    Cricket? Is that a real game? I always thought it was equal to american putt putt but without the windmills it's a real game played by english gentlemen on a lovely sunday summers afternoon, with cream tea and scones tally ho !!!!