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  1. Why don't you people just go fuck yourselves!! I have more pressing problems to deal with like my PTSD than put up with your shit!!! Take this and stuff it up your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In a perfect world you could leave 1,000.00 cash on your front seat whit the window rolled down and no one would touch it. This isn't a perfect world! If you aren't smart enough to understand that by leaveing things that are tempting to a thief out in the open will get your car broke into it's your own fault if someone does. Police constantly advise people to hide valuables. My insurance rates go up because dumbasses don't heed police warnings. Boinky didn't say her stuff was hiden. So this doesn't apply to her. Think what you want! It's my opinion!
  3. Where did I say it was an invatation for me?? People who break into cars look for easy pickens. If most people don't do what the police advise then they deserve it. What do the police tell people to do at christmas time?? There's that personal attack again and I quote " I think only a thief would regard valuables laying in the open an invitation to steal them".
  4. That's a bit harsh isn't it?? Calling me a thief??? Since when does what I posted make me a thief?? People inviting someone to break into their car or truck do deserve it. From what she first posted it sounded like everything was out in the open. Also since when can I not post a personal opinion whitout a personal attack???If you don't like what I posted tough shit. Oh and it sound like you know alot about prison sex!!
  5. I reread your origanial post. Nowhere did it state what you just posted. So I guess what I posted does not apply to you. I will advise you what was passed on to me. Get rid of that sliding glass in the back window.
  6. It's not like vechicles are rarely broke into. It's even more tampting to that type of person when you leave items in plain view. So you tell me, How smoart is it to leave a diamond ring in a cup holder in plain sight??
  7. You ask a question. I wasn't being mean just honest.
  8. If you leave big money ($10.00 or more), jewlery, and personal mail in your vehicle you deserve to have it stolen identity included!
  9. I'm afraid of how I might die. I would rather it be quick. I tell my loved ones I love them every chance I get. The way the world is now days and where it's headed, I'm more afraid of not dying.
  10. These are not the pics first posted on the web and the family may have ok'd these. The very first ones are of other views and the police did not authorize the release. Someone who knew a person who worked for TPD slipped the out and passed them around. I don't believe the family ok'd any of the pics to be released. About a week after this accident a friend of this guy went out on his bike and hit the back of a van or pickup doing over 100 and was killed. It happened about 1 mile from this accident.
  11. I will point out just one body part. There is MORE muscle on the thighs in the second pic than the first. It doesn't take a microscope to see the second pic has more meat on her bones.
  12. From what I can see she looks better than my first pic. This whole thread is MY opinion of what looks healthy. Does anyone remember when part of the modeling industry crack down on women being to skinny? To ME, the first pic is why they cracked down.
  13. I haven't seen a pic Of nicole richie with very little on. My opinion is if you compare the first pic with the second you can see the very small amount of muscle in the first one. Unless she happens to be a marethon runner, she is WAY to skinny. I forgot to add, the woman in the second pic, her boobs are to big.
  14. The last pic I uploaded is a pretty fair example.