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  1. siddacious

    4 - 1 way dives

    an old standby at the local tunnel is left doughnut, right doughnut, compress, phalanx, with the center of the compress/phalanx rotating between jumpers. you can also always do missing man 4ways from the random pool (or blocks, if you're game).
  2. siddacious

    RW suit

    Are you going to be doing serious (competition) RW? What are you going to use your suit for? Different uses will likely have different requirements for a suit. I've enjoyed my Michigan suit, however I'm getting a Pit Special for my team suit (admittedly partially because they're 'in"). From what I've seen the parasport suits are pretty well designed, but I know close to nothing about their quality of construction. I would keep an eye out at the DZ for different suits and ask the owners what they think of their suits. You can also do the same at a tunnel if you're anywhere near one.
  3. siddacious

    Visualizing the dive

    Visualizing is key! Absolutely essential! Memorizing the points of the dive to the point that you instinctively go to the next point on the key frees you to focus on anticipating, starting, making, and stopping the move. One small thing is when visualizing your slot, don't neglect the exit! I usually run through exit+4 or so pages 3-4 times while in the plane. VISUALIZE!
  4. siddacious

    IFly SF Leagues

    Is it a deal? They'll most likely five some discount as compared to the normal rates. If you're a newb, they'll likely put you with a team where your level of experience and talent is appropriate. Fall rate is relative. That's (one reason) why they call it relative work. In 4-way, everyone speeds up to fall with the speedy one in the bunch. Wearing baggy suits to slow down, or cupping air is counter-productive to good 4-way. You do want to have your control surfaces (arms and shins/feet) in the airflow, but you don't want to be 'getting big'. There is a happy medium there. When the instructors do their demo's, the controller will crank the tunnel up to speeds appropriate for freefly body positions, so that they can show you everything you can do. You can do belly at freefly speeds, but you can't do freefly at belly speeds (unless you are a total bad-ass). For you, they're going to keep the speed at a level that has you on or near the net until you have shown that you can hold a stable arch, not bounce off the walls, and that you have control over your levels. I fly at iFly SF Bay on a regular basis, so feel free to PM with any more questions you might have.
  5. siddacious

    Need Helmet advice for novice

    Closed faced helmets are theoretically: Easier to put on in the plane. No worries about goggles fogging up while you're waiting to get out. Just flip the lid down when you're ready to go. Quieter, due to less airflow into the helmet Warmer for the same reason Cooler because all the pro's wear them, even free fliers. Better face protection. No one likes a knee to the nose. A chin cup can help on an open faced helmet. Closed face helmets suck because the might be: More expensive. More material/perceived features == more cost Stuffier (is that a word?) You don't get that "air on your face" feeling some people love. Foggier? Some people say their glasses fog up more in cold weather with a closed face helmet. I've never had this problem, though it doesn't get *that* cold here. Worse for communication. Having a chin bar in front of your mouth doesn't exactly do wonders for your ability to yell audibly to a friend under canopy. I like my Mamba. Don't know that it's the best, but it seems to be fairly popular. I do dislike the fact that the screen is un-formed and must be bent substantially to get it into place. Then again, they can be made cheaply. I also have a protec that I wear when I feel the need for an open face.
  6. siddacious


  7. siddacious

    Garmin Foretrex 201

    Last I checked, rs-232 serial devices don't "show up" in the way that a USB device does. That is, when conneting something to the 'serial' end of the adapter, you won't necessarily see a dialog pop up saying everything is ready to go. Once the USB adapter is plugged in and working, the garmin software should be able to connect to the foretrex through the com4 port
  8. siddacious

    Belly RW dead?

    I think you obviously haven't been paying attention to the goings on at nationals and the regional leagues. Belly RW isn't going anywhere.
  9. siddacious

    Stolen Cameras

    I had a GL2 stolen from my apartment on new years. I think your friend's best choice of action would be to file a police report, and watch local pawn shops and flea markets, as well as ebay and craigslist. FWIW, I never recovered my GL2, even though they caught the guy that stole it. He had sold it off already.
  10. siddacious

    Skydiving with no rig! This guy is nuts!

    Wow, I just lost some respect for Mr. Pastrana.
  11. siddacious

    ParacleteXP Tunnel VIDEO. 25 min of pure FUN

    You sir need a polarized filter for your camera to cut down on the glare. Nice video though.
  12. siddacious

    170 Spectre Into Javelin J1

    according to this: and this probably not, unless it's a "JIKL" which I think might have been supposed to be J1KL. Keep in mind I don't know much of anything about sunpath's products, other than how to read a chart.
  13. siddacious

    A License written test

    some quizzes can be found here: and the SIM can be found here: ps: at my drop zone they give the A exam orally.
  14. siddacious

    SkyVenture Silicon Valley status

    whoo! now hurry up and finish!
  15. siddacious

    I'm hooked now

    Suggestions? 1. Relax. 2. Arch like you mean it. 3. Have fun 3. Start saving money now for gear/jumps later