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  1. I've got a bracket for front mount helmets. Not sure if you are talking about a top-mount? I have 2 milled aluminum ones waiting for coating. I rattle canned my prototype. Which is holding up well. It was more expensive on the milling the originally planned. But the shop did a great job on them. I designed this one so I can keep the camera mounted and access the card/battery compartment. I only have to take the camera off only a few times a day. Its light and works great. I have 2 bare aluminum brackets available. Still working on a bullet proof bracket for the modded connector. You can see it on the right of the camera.
  2. NCCPA MEET #1 Recap, May 21st, 2011 We had a great start of the season. Nice weather, 10 competitors,and a tight race. We achieved our goals for making a meet for the competitors. Solid Venue, volunteers, and scores posted before the next round. A pet peeve of mine at the big comps. Thanks for everyone showing up and supporting the event. Hope for more competitors and amateurs to get involved next meet. Next meet is June 18th, Skydive Sac. Training dates coming soon. Attached is the scores. More info on the facebook page.
  3. Yes.... Yes.... Yes...
  4. Working on a schedule for Nor Cal Comps. NCCPA Pond ... Check! Rules.... Check! Dates... Working on it! Water in the pond... ????? We have a pond hole 200 x 60. But could use a liner. We'll see and update you when we get the dates and new information. Will tell the DZO that Ian won't come out unless there is a pond. And I will clairify, "water in the pond"
  5. I just unpacked all the rigs in the hangar.
  6. What he said. A bit was me. Hope to see folks out maybe a little canopy flocking after the comp??
  7. Official Bulletin Northern California Canopy Pilots Association 2010 NCCPA Competition Season Meet #1 Sat, May 8th, 2010 Meet #2 Sat June 5th, 2010 Meet #3 Sat, July 10th, 2010 Meet 1, May 8th, Start time 9am Competitor Briefing then jumps. Please be on time. If you haven’t jumped this year at Skydive Sacramento, please arrive with enough time to fill out paperwork, waiver and gear check. League Registration $20 Meet Fee $45 Members Meet Fee $60 Non-Members $14 hop n pops X 6 rounds Registration monies goes toward supplies, trophies and potential of cash prize. Classes Pro 5’ Gates Amateur 10’ Gates Based on USPA National Rules Speed Distance Zone Accuracy Meet Prizes: 1st Place $50 and 5 Hop n Pops 2nd Place $25 and 3 Hop n Pops 3rd Place 2 Hop n Pops Top 2 of 3 events count toward overall league standings. Overall Champion Prize 1st Place $250 2nd Place $75 3rd Place $25 Must be a NCCPA League Member to qualify for Overall Standings Cash prize listed is MINIMUM. If there is a good turn out of competitors, portion of the meet fee will go to cash prize. Any volunteers/judges please send an email to [email protected] We are working to make this a paid day for your time. Competitors please check back often for updates. Pics of the courses coming soon…. NCCPA Working to promote safe HP canopy piloting and meets. ------------------------------------ “For all you Nor-Cal swoopers, get on out there and grow your league!! If you like canopy piloting, get your butt out there and make the league your own. CP meets can be infectiously fun. The world is run by people who show up!! You’re never to green to start learning. “ Albert Berchtold, Florida Canopy Piloting League Organizer ------------------------------------ Event Host
  8. Yes, The Meet is on. This Saturday, 9am. @ Skydive Sacramento Working on cost for the league to cover basic expenses and would like to pay judges for their time. Fine tuning the courses and the pond for the season. Will have hop n pop prices and costs for the meet ASAP. Anyone wanting to help volunteer and help out please email or PM.
  9. Will update the SDS Site tomorrow. Its a bit muddy all around the pond but a week ago it was starting to dry. This last bit of rain, well made the whole thing all wet, AGAIN. Attached are pics. Thanks to Kurt Issel. pg-pond-01 This was the first swoop on the pond with it half full. Yes, I'm buying the beer. pg-pond-02 3rd run on the water after we filled 3/4 of the way. and rough pano of the whole swoop. TJ made it out there and got a little muddy after getting out of the pond, someone else already has the first chow. There is some minor things to improve on it, but it is a legit 230'x60'. That the biggest but a lot better than nothing. I'll keep people update as the field dries out.
  10. Yeah I talked with Mr. Albert Bertchold last season getting the league started again here. It had about a 2 year lay off. Andy Demars organized before that did a great job with little turn out. We had a slow start I think we averaged 5 per meet. Hope for a few more This year. I think the pond will help. I'll give you a buzz and talk soon.
  11. Working on that. Try to budget the meets to have the judges time paid for the day ( including lunch for them), medals, etc. More info to follow.
  12. Northern California Canopy Pilots Association 2010 Swoop Competition Season Meet #1 Sat, May 8th, 2010 Meet #2 Sat June 5th, 2010 Meet #3 Sat, July 10th, 2010 Additional Dates pending. All events hosted at Skydive Sacramento’s Swoop Park. 230’ x 60’ Pond, 27 acre High Performance landing area, full time courses. Dual video timing system for speed ( don’t have one of the cool electronic timers yet, but this system is more accurate than one camera system. ) Classes Pro 5’ Gates Amateur 10’ Gates Based on USPA National Rules Speed Distance Zone Accuracy Any volunteers/judges please send an email to [email protected] We are working to make this a paid day for your time. Competitors please check back often for updates. More info coming soon…. Working to promote safe HP canopy piloting and meets.
  13. April 17th and 18th, 2010 Place: Skydive Sacramento What: Fligtht-1 Canopy Skills Camp Hosted By CFC Performance Designs Factory Team member and Flight-1 instructor Jonathan Tagle with Peter Galli with the Canopy Flight Center are hosting a Flight-1 Canopy Skills Course at Skydive Sacramento, April 17th and 18th. PD Canopy Demos Larsen & Brusgaard Demos Saturday Night CFC Grand Opening Party, BEER, BBQ, VIDEO Possibility of private coaching on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th Skydive Sacramento is a HP Friendly DZ with a separate large HP LZ and Main LZ. For further information, check out To register, please contact Skydive Sacramento Manifest at 916.434.7700 or [email protected] Pricing and more info coming soon.
  14. We have a few sitting around. Thanks for taking it apart, now I don't have to. It is amazing, just like tape based cameras the tape and battery are the biggest parts of the camera. Not much to the unit over all. If they could find a better battery solution the units could be considerably smaller.
  15. Anyone have any news or results from the comps? The website is a little sluggish on getting results up.