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  1. True. The irrelevance of the asking that question never ends. Unthinking people continue to ask it. Maybe you don't know that the question already HAS been answered. I'll repeat the answer here for you: Asking for physical evidence to prove or disprove a non-physical entity is pointless....there just simply is none to be had either way. Ergo, inanity. pops you're a flying spaghetti monster Born ok 1st time.
  2. The true spirit of atheism? athiest = lack of belief its not an organized group against something. its what people with lack of religious belief are labled. not satinist = athiest i, like any other athiest, wish there was afterlife. i think its hard to imagine non existance. no thought. i think thats why religion is so easy accepted. hope im wrong, but then i go to H E double toothpicks. crap! just gimme some proof damnit. Born ok 1st time.
  3. My bad. I thought you were up to speed on all the "God doesn't exist because you can't prove that He does. Show me the scientific proof that God exists" inanities. up to speed on what you define as inanity? just because you tire of the same unanswered basic 1st question, of anything. doesnt make it go away. Born ok 1st time.
  4. True. So keep it in the realm of science where it belongs.. got it backwards pops. keep the religion out of science. science = logic/proof religion = blind faith True enough. I'm sure you have known that for a while now. It's been posted here numerous times by the atheists...kind of like a mantra, you know? mantra? no. glaring problem with religious belief? yes. sorry...accepting the illogic of religion is difficult for you. Born ok 1st time.
  5. Which would be great if that was where atheistic scientists stopped with their explanation of reality. But taking the limited understanding of how physics works and extrapolating it into God does not exist is where science enters into the realm of religion. asking for proof is how science works sorry. everything is looked at over and over. religion just wants you to believe period. no questions. its all in this ancient book thats been translated and rewritten 1000 times. Born ok 1st time.
  6. If you're familiar with my posting history you'd see I'm a big proponent for the separation of Church and state. I do not want the government in my church business and I certainly don't want liberal atheist teaching my kids about Christianity....Here's an idea, how about we learn about God and the bible at Church? But the church is too busy kissing ass and taking money when it should be more concerned with kickin' ass and taking names... i dont think a liberal or conservative atheist is going to teach kids about religion. i like the idea of community gatherings (church), but most churches are just businesses raising tax free money. their bottom line is the church growing, "saving" people (donation base), not helping the community. why would a church "kick ass and take names"? Born ok 1st time.
  7. i think most athiests could care less about religion, and its followers. just keeping it out of schools and government, is the problem. how would you keep it out of history class? if you try to give a world religions class, someone is always going to be upset what their kid is being taught. it wont go away in our lifetime. its too powerful of a motivator, to organize, control large group of people. Born ok 1st time.
  8. either choice is the same. democrap or repuke needs to be flushed Born ok 1st time.
  9. i dont think presidents can change much. there is too many career politicians in the government. entire government needs to be phased out. anyody wants to be in govt take IQ/skills identification test. background check - no felonies put in lottery system. same govt setup, just random peep. instead of empty promises to win elections Born ok 1st time.
  10. you're going to be a very unhappy camper come November. ***WAY too emotionally invested in all this. Whatever happens will happen regardless of what you post or bookmark here, or how angry you get about it. No emotion at all really I just am marking those oh so sure what is going to happen posts after 2 terms of obama you will lose your sanity when hillary is elected in 2016 Born ok 1st time.
  11. I'd just like to point out that Ron Paul's "quirks" are what the rest of the world call intelligence, experience, honesty, and consistency. ***True, he doesn't pander to the voters he's addressing at the time. This is why he won't get the nomination, because he doesn't play down to his audience. thats part of the game.popularity contest. too big a part. thats why we should elect the president on a reality show. put all the canidates on survivor. Born ok 1st time.
  12. obama will e reelected easily. religious right wont vote for mormon romney. newt will self destruct. the rest havent made any news except bad news. i like ron paul but he comes off to quirky. not electable personality. Born ok 1st time.
  13. you can walk on it next day? probaly lots of muscle soreness. i need to get mine taken out. i guess insurance will cover it. it feels fine, but i know its there. Born ok 1st time.
  14. did you watch the repulican debate? who the hell am i gonna vote for? i think the entire govt should be fired. then we impose a lottery system, to install new house, senate, and president. basic rules - over 35 , pass drug test, no criminal record Born ok 1st time.
  15. broke my tib/fib at a skydiving party bout 10 years ago. healed up, went back to jumpin. broke femur, pelvis, foot 4 years ago. healed up and back jumpin. chicks dig metal parts, and scars. Born ok 1st time.