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  1. IM thinking i want to plan a trip out to San Diego or Florida to have some fun and do alot of skydiving...which do you guys reccomend? well what im looking for mostly is to get to over 15k feet ...maybe even 18k feet...any dropzones offer that alt?
  2. What do you have to complete to get this?
  3. wow you guys got it its about 3 grand ++++ for the tandems and 7 af jumps to get cleared to jump solo with some video
  4. well i got a silhouette from PD its a will be here by friday :)
  5. hey do i know you? lol...i cant bring a face to the name...sorry i suck at remembering names and faces!
  6. I want to get a demo for a few weeks before i buy any 170...pd has ran out of sabre 2 170's....any other ones i can try?
  7. wiley x's...never had a problem....i only belly flew with them though.....never even came close to flyting off....but to test them to a beter extent...i did this test b4 i jumped to make sure they wont fall friend took me out in his car....put my head out the sunroof, did 150 mph for about 30 seconds....moving my head around all diff ways, still didnt come close to falling off
  8. Anyone know about a balloon jump we cna set up near NY....any info would be appreciated
  9. wait are u guys joking around or will chuck norris really be there?
  10. lmao sickkk, time im gona take that picture with a scared shitless face on and then PS a plane on there
  11. dont have photoshop on my comp, dont use it to much so im not gona DL it, how about u do it for me, lol
  12. Not too fancy, just took my canon sd450 out form my pocket and snapped a few pics....clear shot though [IMG][/IMG]
  13. how come it says 3-4....on the website it says 4-5, sunday and monday????
  14. how come it says 3-4....on the website it says 4-5, sunday and monday????
  15. you havent been there but everything usually gets released in europe before it does here, trust me, i know ;)
  16. should i rent a car or should i just take taxis around everywhere i go?
  17. so are they open this wednesday again or no? they arent answering the phones
  18. well people in europe already have the camera so i was wondering if any of them can chime in and let us know if its good in freefall
  19. I put up a post in the container classifieds that i need a complete system for a beginner, and that im 6 feet tall and weigh 185 pounds, I just got this email today how does this sound> Comments => Have a PERFECT rig for you, Dolphin D-3, Safire 210, Tempo 210, all GREAT condition and Main has BRAND NEW lineset. Kill Line p/c, kill line slider, Cypres ready, 0 rides on reserve, I keep this rig CLEAN and WELL taken care of (it's an Airborne thing) and have BUNCHES of pics for you if interested... 1800 bucks U.S. and it's sold...
  20. well im guessing either one is better then the HC-3 since it has better components then the HC-3, im guessing either one is good in freefall!!
  21. They are up for sale but will not ship out until february 18, 2007, should i order one, i said screw buying the HC-3 yesterday so im wondering if i shoudl get the HC-5 or HC-7....which one do you guys reccommend?