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  1. im just going to stick with what my original plan was...its goning to be a total of like 500$ to buy a a camcorder and a mount..and then lens and other stuff....ill just stick with the goldmember since i already have 2 cameras i can throw on it for now...ill let you guys know how it works out
  2. why would i waste 200$ on a shitty camcorder when im planning on geting a good one when the time comes? I havent updated my jump numbers in a long time....
  3. I have a Optik Illusion helmet....i cant really afford the camcorder i prefer at the moment but i was wondering if it would be a ok idea to mount my canon sd450 on a goldmember on top of my optik illusion helmet! Just to take a few videos of doing a few freefly jumps and 2-3 ways...and tkaing pictures in the plane and landscapes! Just something to do while im bored! Cheap and Quick!
  4. well i would much rather buy a helmet which fits me nice and comfortably.....with a nice cutaway system...rather then have a helmet that doesnt fit me too well and is annoying so i can get a camera for not doing some multi million dollar photography or video shooting ya know...if i have to get an HC-3 since the HC5 wont fit my fine with that...i just bought it last weekend after tryign on many diff helmets...its why i waited a bit to buy one..i also have a protec so just incase you guys yell at me for it being my first helmet...which it isnt!
  5. you are 100% correct on that buddy lol....what if i wanted to tape some other sports! ;)
  6. It's already dead. No manufacturer is building a DV only camera. Of course, I know you mean the end of DV tape, and that nearly dead. Sony have just announced one more HDV on top of two other new cams they've announced, and Canon is expected to offer one more. Other than that.... AVCHD is coming on hard, but HDV will be with us for a while longer. thanks DSE...see theres some facts that were stated and they were wrong...thanks to DSE for clearing that up....:) my friend can get some sick prices on electronics i found out today...i gave him a list of cameras that i would liek to pc 1000, pc 109, hc3 and hc 5...i will see what he can come up as of now im willing to pay the 1300 for the pc 1000 since i cant mount the hc5 on the side of my helmet
  7. 200 is a guideline and doesn't mean you or anyone else is automatically dispositioned to jump a camera when that jump number is reached. At your current jump numbers, there is still plenty for you to learn about and get better at before you add something to the mix that makes the skydive more complicated. There is a reason why the USPA and anyone who has been in this sport for more than a day will tell you to wait until you have 200 jumps. Did you read the thread I linked to or do a search on this topic at all? You are not the first nor will you be the last new jumper to think you have "mad skills" and "learn quicker than others" and "can handle it" be it canopy downsizing, adding a camera or flying a wingsuit. Take a minute to stop and listen to the people around you that have been doing this for a while and realize that you don't know what you don't know and they are trying to help you out so you don't learn the hard way. i read that link over and over again...i undersatand what you guys mean...but it just aggravates me that i have to make 10 different posts about which camera to buy and all the responses i get are wait till you hit 200-1000 jumps to get simply asking which one to get when my time comes to get one...i also learned that taking some jumpers opinions and help didnt help me...i noticed that some jumpers with a coach rating and other ratings arent doing so well in the air as they are supposed to...some really arent good helpers...but i do listen when i hear good info
  8. and why does every think that when you hit exactly 200 skydives...then you will be able to fly a camera the right way...what if some people that have 50 jumps are catching on quicker with learning how to fly then some people with 500 jumps? ...people are making it sound like you wont know how to fly a camera with 199 jumps...but that one more jump that makes you hit the 200 mark will make you a pro jumping with a camera...maybe some people learn know?
  9. well werent they around 2 grand when they first came out?? and anyway this isnt used...its brand new...ive been checking ebay for about 2 months now...the only one that shows up is the japanese version
  10. and since i finally found a PC like to know if i shoudl jump on that deal now or not...cuz i might not find any new ones ever again
  11. well i going to hit about 200 jumps in the next two months or so...i want to get ahead on buyign a camera and getting used to the features it has...i like to get a little head start on will anyone help with some not plannign on throwing a camera on y head right like to buy the camera now and get it paid off asap!
  12. Well i found a place by my house that has 6 Brand new PC 1000's for he is asking about 1300 bucks plus tax for im thinking maybe i should get an HC5....but i have an optik illusion helmet and bonehead doesnt make a box for the HC5....whats my best option...should i just come up with the money and get the pc 1000.....or is the HC5 better then the PC1000 in the end?
  13. DO i make anew one up...what do i do about all the info..i have an altitrack that i started jumping with 12 jumps....any info?
  14. i tried it your guessing you didnt check after you chose all those optoins...only the japenese version is on there
  15. whats the diff with the PAL version and the other one?
  16. Ive checked Ebay, craigslist, searched on Yahoo.....cant find them anywhere used...anyone got any ideas?
  17. so is it worth getting since its the tighest box available for the HC5....since everyone is having alll these air to camcorder problems
  18. Is there any possible way we can fit the HC5 box made by cookie composites on a bonehead optik illusion helmet?
  19. I see all these posts about the HC3,5 and 7 and everyone is saying that the HC5 and 7 doesnt work well with freeflying and then some people say it works fine...whats the truth?
  20. well that was my plan i made a phone call to spaceland and they said they will go to 18k feet if we have atleast 2 fun jumpers on the plane...they didnt tell me anything about a c license...why the hell would i need a c license to get up there anyway? thats funny
  21. well what im looking for mostly is to get to over 15k feet ...maybe even 18k feet...any dropzones offer that alt?
  22. which dropzone do you think is the best of those 3