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  1. I broke tib/fib in a climbing accident 18 yrs ago, rod placed in tib. Took up skydiving about 10 yrs ago. Have taken hard falls on that leg in and out of skydiving with no problems. Now I rarely give it a thought. I was also never told by ortho doc to play it safe. Never thought of using a brace, really don't think it's needed, just my opinion.
  2. Appreciate the replies. Perhaps I should have ask the question in a slightly different way.... If you are on final in partial brakes, for whatever reason, can you just hold partial brakes and finish flare from that position. What would be the result?
  3. Given - Spectra 190, light wing load .9, winds 10. Assume - Not going to use S turns, 90's or crosswind landing. Also this is a H&P no one else in pattern. Situation - On final you notice you will be long (into the trees). So you give 1/4 to 1/2 brakes. Question - Should you slowly release toggles to gain full flight prior to normal flare or can you hold brakes and finish flare from the partial brake position?
  4. I was coming in for what appeared to be a normal landing. Winds were around 10 gusting to 15. Did my normal 1/2 flare. Than got lifted about 10-15 ft. I kept (never released) and finished my flare. Landing was still hard. Questions: I thought the lift was caused by a gust. But could it have been casued by to earlier of a flare? Was it right to hold and finish my flare or was there another option?
  5. For floation device, why not just wear a 1/2 wetsuit? that would be enough to keep you afloat. What's the drawback, other than on some days it might get a little warm.
  6. This has probably been dealt with before but I can't find it. On commercial flights I have always put my rig with checked baggage. Has anyone had a problem with taking it as carry on? I'm on a tight schedule and don;t want it lost or have to wait for baggage claim.
  7. The first time I showed up the weather was bad. So I filled out all the paperwork and got the layout. Manifest was very helpful and provided all the information I needed. The next weekend, perfect weather. I arrived at 9:30, by 9:45 I was on a otter load for a hop & pop. The regulars were very friendly answering any questions. They have huge landing area, don't know how anyone could miss it. When I finished packing went back to the manifest window, they ask could I make a 5 minute call, I said sure. So within a very short time I had 2 jumps. By midday they were starting up the king air to handle tandems. Had great day, no complaints. Will definitely go back.
  8. Thanks, Just arrived in Santa Rosa area was looking for the closest DZ, guess I will head for Lodi tomorrow.
  9. Does anyone know if SkyDive S.F. in Cloverdale, CA. is still in operation. The phone numbers listed on thier website do not work.
  10. Been reading this thread and trying to figure out what is meant by "canopy transfer" is that pulling reserve without cutting away?
  11. In what containers can you install a Skyhook?
  12. "Nice canopy but good luck finding that if you ever have to chop it. I hear they are very hard indeed to find a black canopy from the air. " Poe, If the chute is lost, I offer to help you look for it day & night until it is found. In fact the longer it takes the better. Maybe we should do some search and rescue training before hand.
  13. Euroman

    Silvertip Skydiving

    They may be small in number but they are big on friendliness and experience. I'm in Montana for the summer and have jumped with Silvertip for the last two weekends. I intend on many more. I called ahead to find out when they would be jumping, which is good advice to all newcomers, they were helpful from the start. I needed a repair on my rigger the first day I arrived, their rigger\pilot went out of his way to get it done before the first load. Everyone I met was more than friendly. DZ is just a mile outside the town of Hamilton which is on the eastern end of the Bitterroot Mts. Needless to say the views on jump run are incredible. The landing area is larger enough with many outs should you need one. The packing area we used was grass but I understand there is a hanger available on less desirable days. This is a very low key operation. Never a rush to load or manifest. They have some very experienced jumpers willing to give advice should you need it. Ok, so they regularly jump a Cessna 182 which goes to 10k, but it is the nicest Cessna I've been in, well maintained, extended wings..... Not to mention the other evening they sent it up with only myself and another jumper. That might not happen all the time, but it sure was nice for the new guy. For Tandem prospects - It certainly appeared they were going that extra mile to make sure tandem's had a fun safe jump experience which meant including them in any after jump hours celebrations. If you are in Montana well worth the stop.