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  1. The sizing table in Mirage web-site says that container M8 compatible only for Sabre 2 230. But according to my understanding there should be some flexibility, so I’m wondering if 210 main still can reasonable fit into M8 container.
  2. Thanks, I will try this app. But I somewhat concerned to rely on smartphone as altimeter. Is there any dedicated skydiving altimeter with audio output ?
  3. I’m looking for audible altimeter which can read altitude data into headphones, something like eleven ... ten …nine … eight … (in thousands of feet) Not just alarm sounds but rather continuous altitude reading during freefall. The Altimaster N3A had such feature, but as far as I know, it is no longer manufactured.
  4. Hi Keith, Thank you for the comment about Bates. Anyway I decided to avoid jump boots, as advised by many in this thread.
  5. It is now clear that military jump boots are not a good idea for leg protection. I will go for tennis shoes with smooth sole. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed meaningful answers and shared his personal experience.
  6. Thank you, it was very informative post.
  7. As specified in post header, this question was not addressed to you but rather to user which nickname is [Amazon]. I have quite difficulty to understand why you are insisting to answer it and at the same time complaining about wasting your time.
  8. Thank you for your answer, I hoped to hear the opinion from somebody who actually used Corcorans or similar jump boots. Actually there is a guy in our DZ who always wears his military service boots for fun jumps. Those are commando boots, they are not exactly jump boots, but quite similar. By the way this guy is a medical doctor, so I assume that he knows what he is doing. Since I started this "boot exploration" session a week ago, I still did not have a chance to catch him and ask his opinion directly. From what you wrote I understand that jump boots are not needed for landings on ram air canopies. Yet I have two questions which I hope you can answer based on your experience: 1. Is there any increased difficulty to land properly on square canopy while wearing jump boots ? 2. Are jump boots contribute anything to leg protection in the rare case when landing goes wrong ?
  9. Sure, I will take all recommended precautions. I have a feeling that my ass will sit a lot. Life sucks. I'm still digesting the unexpected overwhelmingly negative reaction to military jump boots.
  10. Thank you for easing up. I myself was wearing this kind of boots more than 5 years, so I’m familiar with their properties. I admit that I set my mind for them despite arguments. High motocross boots are too much, even for me ...
  11. Besides of having smooth sole, I don’t see how skate shoes can help landing safety. Even the tallest versions of these providing very little support for the leg. About military jump boots - it is true that landing with round canopy is vertical. However immediately following the landing their users must walk or run, so I presume that boots are designed to support all these purposes. Seems that they are providing significant support for the leg stability while allowing forward movement as required for landing with square canopy.
  12. This is exactly what I had in mind while posting the subject. No matter how experienced and careful you are, and how much safety margin you keep, sometimes, somewhere shit happens. And this is the reason why protection measures are required in addition to precautions.
  13. Anybody have experience with military jump boots, like these (the picture attached) Are they providing significant protection for the leg ?