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  1. Whats up with the new bar and lounge ? Since when ? Sounds like fun !!!!
  2. I'll be there - I always have a blast at Long Island's boogies !!!!
  3. From what I understand all the DZ's in that area are seasonal from Dec-April - So they are probably just closed for the season. The weather is very rainy, windy, and way to hot right now.
  4. I'm not sure exactly when but he's got a course comming up soon @ Sky's The Limit in Stroudsburg Pa. Manifest can tell you better details 1-800-335-JUMP
  5. Team Dysfunction = Jared Miller, Sam Baker, Shay Jones, Ed Varley, Travis Mills, Dwight Quillin, Jimmy Koonzs, and Steph Nielson
  6. Yuppers - we got our tickets the other day and I can't wait. We'll be there for the boogie Aug 2-8th. Can't wait to see ya !!!!
  7. There's a bunch from TEAM DYSFUNCTION at Sky's The Limit in Stroudsburg Pa. Every Friday they have 17.50 jumps too. Come check it out - you can camp there and the're having a 70's boogie next weekend the 23rd
  8. Sorry about that and thanks for the help The Mapquest Address is 7 Airstrip Rd East Stroudsburg Pa 18301 It's just over the Deleware Water Gap
  9. June 22-25 Friday - 17.50 Freefly jumps w/ Team Dysfunction (every Fryday) Saturday - Oranizing with Guy Wright, Costume Party, Food, and DJ Sunday - More jumps with Guy Wright Just so you know we fly an Otter, have seperate landing area for swoopers, Hot Showers, Wireless Internet, and allow camping complete with Bonfire Pit Hope to see you all there !!!! www.skysthelimit.net
  10. Sky's the limit in Stroudsburg Pa restricted swoopers to their own pass for a bit but now have opened a new seperate landing area. www.skysthelimit.net
  11. Sorry, Ixtapa is only open Dec-April and I think Puerto Escondito is closed for the season too. Maybe you can visit us in the winter ????? and as for the landing area being the beach - no worries - they run an aff program and land students there - it's huge.
  12. Hey, I wanted to check out that chambersburg boogie this year too :) You can also check out Sky's The Limit's 70's Boogie in Stroudsburg, Pa. They have a bunch throughout the season but I LOVE the 70's !!!! http://www.myspace.com/skydivenow
  13. Sounds like your having a great day Bill - I thank you and appreciate your help. Maybe one day we can have more of you in this world.
  14. I've been hearing a lot in Re to misfires and I was wonering what you have to say. Thanks
  15. April 2nd till the 8th. Suggest Stay in a hostile - 15 bucks vs. 300 bucks what else do you need to know ??? It's a jumping in paradise boogie - not a how many jumps can I make boogie. There is a lot to do in the area You can find dinner for under 4 bucks and beers are only 1 every landing is on the beach there has yet to be any rain, high wind, or clouds under 16,000 the whole season. Beer planet has the best Tequila Jungle bar has the best mezcal Pita has the best boobs and you will get thrown in the pool hahaha - This is not your everyday average boogie but you'll have to see it to believe it go ahead ask me questions - i dare you