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  1. "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  2. my mil spec sigma tandems have front riser trim loops...pull on them and the shackle friction locks it in place til you release the friction lock...400-425sq ft canopies suspended weight is very heavy "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  3. full time Air guard LI new york military rigger/ senior rigger Coach/ Tandem master "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  4. jason...that was you sum up my day pretty well. i took the course in late april, and have something close to 100 tandems, and 1 tandem cutaway. routine is something that helps me stay calm. yea the emotional rollercoaster is the most tiring part of doing tandems that i have experienced so far. "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  5. wasnt bad....didnt really get to do any turn...ended up flying straight in...but my first thought was..damn i dont have flairing but it was perfect. i am a military rigger, and now having used a skyhook..i can teach others about it soo much better... "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  6. yes that is very true...student did awesome ...and we stood up..and still made the end of his video!! just with a diffrent color canopy laying behind me "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  7. toggles would not move...and some have said that you can land a step trough....but didnt want to chance it.... canopy still not found... anyone know anything about the canopy finder system??? "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  8. well ..."there I was".... normal everything camera guy...handle check..everything. well deploy...into slight line biggie.done that before...well upon the line twist being let out...then i see a wierd site....STEP had to go...student was out "WA...." and we were under the reserve... thank you to my who taught me was on the same load....took it to the rigger shack..and he was there to ask what happened and to inform me of my instant owing of beer..!!!!! "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  9. !!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!! TO ANYONE ATTENDING!! there will be an awesome 80's party on saturday night with the awesome rubix kube 80's cover band. there will also be food beer and drinks...and lots of fun people. everyone reading this that is planning on stopping by please remember your best 80's fashions... "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  10. aww it wasnt that bad...... "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  11. where other than the manufacturer can you find windblades for those comanys. the only one that lists selling them is PD. i would like to put some new brightly colored ones up at the dropzone.. any help would be great.. "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  12. thank you guys so far... for clarification i was talking about hanging a flag below me not off a suspension line. but learning about both is helpful thanks again. and any other tips on building a smoke boot, flag bag, flag bag designs, etc. and i know jay stokes holds a class, but is there anything written anywhere to help build a demo, or is it all passed down from the older jumpers?? "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  13. OK well lets hope i can explain this properly. lets say your wingloading is a simple 1:1, and you want to do a demp jump with a flag 4x6 feet in size. with a 8lbs weight. how much does the wind drag of the flag affect your wingloading. for that size flag if you were jumping a 170 sabre 2 and were wingloaded at 1:1 what size would you want to go up to to have the same wingloading with the flag attached?? hope airtwardo can help!!! and oh hopefully see you at the balloon fest on long island again this year!! with new risers "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  14. thanks guys. yes breathe mints and energy drinks are great. Im not going to be in rotation for a little bit, but im sure PARA5-0 would love to give up his spot for me....that way he can let the new tandem masters grow with more experience. thanks again and keep them comming. "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"
  15. thank you for comming back to the begining. yea...i kinda remember that. that i can hear myself yell in there head burble. "the sky is not the limit....the ground is"