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  1. Did find a couple of visiting jumpers to hang out with for the short time I was there. For the most part, these seem to be the only people I could find with any decent social skills. Staff are very rude and abrupt. "Big fish in a small pond" attitude. The jump tickets are dirt cheap and if you can ignore the rude staff the loads turn quickly. I guess you get what you pay for.
  2. If your from Kapow. Dave Keiser is flying the Otter up from your dropzone for the Westcoast Skyflyerzs boogie. (End of August Beginning of Sept.) At Pacific Skydivers.
  3. Here is a nice shot of Jason from last year. What concentration in those eyes.
  4. The flat plate is mounted to the box with four lock nuts and bolts. The "fifth bolt" goes through the plate and box and attaches to the camera.
  5. Always had a great time at this boogie and the people and vibe at this DZ is awesome. Count me in.
  6. This is one of the best dropzones I've jumped at. The locals take you in like you are one of there family. No sky Gods. The Otter is the cleanest one I've seen to date that hauls jumpers. Had no problems getting on a load. The landing area is the largest and flattest grass landing area I've ever seen. The surrounding area has plenty of outs. The facilities are top notch and kept very clean. World class coaching available. I can go on and on, but if you are in the area I would highly recommend you drop by.
  7. I'm forever grateful to Matt for being headsup enough to chase me down and stay with me until I regained consciousness at 6,000. I talked to him the next day and he down played the whole incident. I know Matt was ready to pull for me if I had not come to. This beat the hell out of taking a cypress fire spinning on your back unconscious. Trunk, if you run into him, please let him know I will never forget him.
  8. DSE What is your arrival time on the 22nd and departure time on the 2nd?
  9. I've stayed at the bunkhouse a few times and the experience vary depending on the number of people and how they acted. Over all I'd suggest bringing some ear plugs. Each bunk has a privacy curtain that shuts out the light. There are space heater in there as well if the temp drops. Pillows, and blankets are provided if need be. For the price, it is a decent place to stay if you don't need a lot of personal space.
  10. Was this dog in some sort of harness or just placed in this guys jump suit?
  11. Here is a few more pics from the boogie. JJ thanks for the jumps. You folks had one great boogie. Hope to see you again next year.
  12. I'm in. Can't wait! monkycndo NWFlyer sdctlc sonicfreefly vdschoor
  13. Amazing cloud shots for backdrop. Nice work.
  14. Lighting/shadows a bit off being near the end of the day.