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  1. Utah's newest dropzone, offering breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountain Range. Skydive the Wasatch prides itself in providing a fun, safe, and memorable experience. Our experienced staff will help guide you every step of the way, from the ground to 10,500ft and back again. Make reservations at or call us at (385) 321-0284.
  2. Reference material: Stainless is harder then cad. also read AC43-4A, corrosion control. anodic vs cathodic
  3. Anybody have a room to rent, or know of good places nearby? any advice appreciated.
  4. they smashed in my window and took a rig i was borrowing from a friend, if anyone sees or hears anything please let me know. 208-410-9665 [email protected] Thanks, reserve info: manufacturer: glide Path Int. model: firelite sn: fl-5053-r dom: 9-15-1992 container info: manufacturer: Altico model: Dolphin d3 sn:9667 dom: Aug 96
  5. Where are some good winter boogies? mainly looking for the purposes of hucking drouges and packing tandems for spare change.
  6. Jumping all week up until the boogie too... come get some jumps in before hand.
  7. Skydive Houston's HeatWaves Boogie Date: June 18-20th Aircraft: SkyVan and Twin Otter Organizers: * RW, Guy Wright 40 Ways (Sat+Sun) * Texas State Wingsuit Record with Purple Mike and Matt Hoover * 20 Way Head Down Camp with Simon Bones and Team VerTex * Inflatable Jumps with Team Jager Vendors: SkyVenture Colorado, UPT, PD, and Fast Andy Evening Events: * Friday night, we will have a Texas sized bonfire and BEER. * Saturday night, is the Filmfest. Make the best 4-7 minute video to be projected on our 40 ft inflatable screen in the main landing area. Winner receives two hours of free tunnel time provided by SkyVenture Colorado. * Saturday night is Texas sized hot Bar B Que and BEER. Registration Fee: $30.00, which includes a T-shirt, Sat. dinner, beer, filmfest.
  8. We roll to collegiates 15-20+ strong and we're there for fun more then competition. half of us aren't even allowed to compete. It's in houston this year, nice and warm!
  9. KSUPC crowd will welcome you like family, they are pimps! or give me a call I'm looking to head south soon. 208-410-9665
  10. Not sure if the best place to post it, maybe it should go in the classifieds *shrug* I would like to pursue more rigging knowledge, my current position isn't really warranting me that opportunity. Are there any Master riggers, Rigging Lofts, Manufacturers, etc... willing to take a eager pupil under their wing? any suggestions from others of people to talk to concerning the matter? Have my senior with back, seat, chest ratings. ~70 packjobs. most my experience is carried over from the base world. Thanks in advance for any input or advice, Andrew Karnowski
  11. That's the point I'm trying to argue, any reasons you can think of not to sign with other numbers?
  12. The one I'm specifically arguing is signing with my BASE #. I was told not to because we're skydiving not base jumping. But it's still a verifiable number that identifies me as a person
  13. Just out of curiosity from a disagreement that came up this weekend. What is the USPA's position on signatures in a logbook. What is the general consensus outside of the USPA? Is it legit to sign with: USPA #, USPA License Numbers, BASE #, Driver's License Number, Pilot Cert #, Rigger #? Is there any reason not to sign with any of the above? SIM 3-1-C says:
  14. Looking for some information on my new sewing machine, appreciate anything you can provide.
  15. edited to remove a bunch of smileys that were making the page really long!
  16. ....Comin straight from the underground A Young n**** got it bad cuz I'm brown And not the other color so police think They have the authority to kill a minority
  17. Paris Hilton actually went to jail as part of the witness protection program. The reason? She turned jimmy coiner down for a date.
  18. How come Eminem didn’t have blonde hair during 8-Mile? Because when Jimmy Coiner found out that Em was going to make a shitty movie, he round-house kicked him so hard in the face that the peroxide fell out of Em’s head.
  19. Jimmy Coiner’s victims have been owned more times than goodwill clothing.
  20. There was no adam and eve.. there was Jimmy and Coiner.
  21. If you look Jimmy Coiner in the eyes for more then 3 seconds you go blind.