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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Kansas City Tunnel? It shows up on the website now with a model number. http://www.skyventure.com/about/default.aspx Toward the bottom it is listed in the coming soon section: Coming soon: SkyVenture Montreal: Model 14 R4 www.skyventuremontreal.com iFLY Singapore - Model 16R4 www.iflysingapore.com SkyVenture Kansas City - Model 14R4 Just wondering what others thoughts on the matter. Jimmy
  2. I saw these 2 kids fly this past weekend at Skyventure Colorado and words cannot describe the skill and precision they have. The only adjective I can use to describe it was amazing. The tunnel rats were saying that Justin and Kayla were better flyers than they were! Rock on guys!
  3. I have a great big box of boogie t-shirts in the truck right now!! Getting packed up and ready to roll for load 1 tomorrow morning! Eirc and I hope to be there around 11 ready to jump our asses off. Looking forward to a great weekend with you all! Jimmy
  4. Well boys and girls its once again time for one of the great boogies of the Midwest. The LSPC Redemtion Boogie 2007! I need to get Frank "The Boogie Master" Forlini to post all of the details but here are a few things you can always count on at this event. 1. Great people and an awesome vibe. 2. Fast planes (Frank can provide the details) 3. Kris Lager Band 4. Good parties!! 5. Awesome jumps. So mark your calendars July 12-15th, Plattsmouth Municipal Airport, Plattsmouth Nebraska. Check it out at www.skydivelspc.com See you all there! Jimmy
  5. This is really embarrassing but here is a shot of me in a borrowed RW suit. The jump was a joke because I never belly fly, but the swoop was good! Great pic Darin, thanks again! The other 3 just look cool because of the sunset behind me. Jimmy
  6. Hey Dave! If you want to come pick me up in Australia, I could make it. I don't think the otter will make it 15 hours across the Pacific though. I will be coming to visit SDC this summer, and we will see about improving on the already impressive climb rate of the SDC otters!
  7. LSPC is the place to be if you are in the area. The people there are awesome, very friendly atmosphere, the planes are the nicest 182's I have ever seen, and they party like no other! I drive the 3 hours up there from KC some weekends just to jump and party with them. They have freeflyers, wingsuiters, RW, and CREW jumpers in their regular jump crowd and they all want to jump. Check them out at www.skydivelspc.com. You won't be disappointed. Keep them in mind for the Redemption Boogie also.
  8. Hey Lucky Chuck it has been cold here as well. I have not made a jump since the Holiday Boogie. I hate the cold. Good thing I am going to the Freefly Money Meet with Joe and ChAzi here in a couple of weeks! Hope to jump with you when it warms up a little. Jimmy
  9. I have to say I have no idea why Skydiving Meghan only makes it to four dates. See Meghan is a very dynamic individual who is very similar to a fine bottle of wine. She gets better the more time that you spend with her. That is exactly why I don't understand how she makes it to four dates and then they bail on her. I would think that if they made it to four dates they would be hooked by then. Chalk this up there with the other mysteries of the world like Stonehenge, Crop Circles, and the Great Pyramids. I know I was instructed not to respond, but I had to throw my 2 cents in. Love ya Meg! Jimmy Coiner aka The Legend
  10. Looking forward to the Boogie Billo! I will be riding the plane up on Friday and can't wait to do the pumpkin drop. That was soooo much fun last year! Jumping out of a plane with a pumpkin is really funny to watch and do. The Kansas City crew is charged up and ready to get our jump on. Anyone interested in a great group of people, fun jumps, even more fun parties and general debauchery needs to get their ass to Winterset this weekend! Jimmy
  11. I emailed Jenn, and I am using my jedi mind tricks to transmit all of my freefly knowledge from Kansas City to her in Colorado. Jenn are you getting this? Wow, if I was 1/4 as cool as this thread makes me out to be, I would be a really cool person to meet sometime and hang out with. but i'm not so back to reality.... Jimmy
  12. I just picked up a big box of Redemption Boogie T-Shirts and will be bringing them up with me tomorrow! Be sure to get your LSPC Redemption Boogie T-Shirt so everyone knows that you were at one of the most fun boogies of the summer!!! You will have to ask Frank how much they are, I have no idea. 2 days and counting....... Jimmy
  13. Wow this proves the theory that people will believe anything you tell them, if you tell it to them enough! It is true that I will be at the Redemption Boogie again this year, but I don't know about all of this ledgend crap (Jason and Little Joe). This continues to be one of the most fun boogies of the year with some of the greatest people around. Frank Forlini goes to great lengths to make sure everone has a great time at the LSPC Redemtion Boogie. If you are in the Midwest come out and play. Fast planes, good vibe, great music and cool people. What else could you ask for in a boogie? We will see you there! Jimmy C.