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  1. Thank you. I'll check them out
  2. Thank you for the information
  3. Can someone tell me of a DZ close to corsicana texas. skydive Dallas isway north and down by houston is was south
  4. holy s@$t.He's lost his senses.glad Im not his vid guy
  5. Like everyone else congradulations.In my book youve proved the most important thing about being a skydiver."when all else fails you know that you can and will save your own life"quote by Mark Hewitt to a newbie in Hawaii way back in 1995 (me)
  6. has anything been found out if my cypres still work after its out of service date?
  7. Just a quick question.1)ever have a passenger go squirrel on you?(fighting,kicking then get board stiff?? Do any of us know exactly how that exit is really going to go off?I mean honestly 1000 perfect exits in a row then wham out of the clear blue perfect chaos for that half second that feels like eternity. So my answer would be HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I had my first tandem reservw ride 2 weeks ago.is there somthing I should know about the 365.I hadabout 3ft of line twist before I looked up.about 1.5 seconds from trapdoor to oh s..t.I was also on a sigme rig.
  9. My 2 cents:TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN. Jay,been there know where your coming from ANDwhere your at.(pm me if you need to talk
  10. I also chatted with a rep from a canopy manufacture who asked for ideas on a sponsored instructor program - and I commented that I would love training and training aids instead of discounts on personal equipment... Wouldn't it be cool if they had a canopy guru that would teach instructors to be better instructors? What did they say?were they interested in it.ome on give that was a great suggestion
  11. Good question.I am going to take a canopy course this summer(break from tandems)and since my regular job has me traveling alot I am fortunate enough I get to talk with alot of tandem instructors.I watch alot and ask alot of questions.although tunnel time sounds really good.do you know of any good books.Ive read intro to teaching(my copy is from like 1950) Dave D-27941 coach tandem I
  12. On may 16 I recieved the very same mess. from jjcjumper.I was out on business so my wife read it to me.she was supposed to contact you.if she didnt then im doing so now thx
  13. Hi,welcome and glad you stopped in.
  14. As tm and photographer,the only priority is safty.When I have a passenger the only thing I NEED to know is where you are.I'll be honest so far the scariest thing for me was coming face to face with my camra as we dropped thru the trapdoor. Thanks you guys gave me some great ideas for being on both sides of the drouge.[:)
  15. welcome to the wonderful world of adrenalin BLUE SKIES