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  1. IN REPLY TO: Action: I'm running through the hanger, and I accidentally trip, and yank your reserve handle, making you miss the next load and lose the 45 bucks you'd make flying camera for a tandem. Attitude 1: I laugh and say "Hey, screw you, dude, I never liked you anyway. In fact, I think it's pretty damn funny that you're losing some money. Ha, ha, ha!" Attitude 2: I say "Oh, shoot, dude, I'm really sorry. Here's my rig for that load. I'll take your rig into the loft and repack the reserve while you do that camera jump." Same action. Different attitudes. Are you sure you'd react the same way in both cases? -- Tom Aiello You are wrong... these are two very different actions... one is an action of repairing the problem, one is not. WRONG.... jimmy's right.
  2. 914

    Quote of the Week

    "I may not be the best skier on the mountain, but i'm not the smartest either." - Damon Gold skiing extreme 5
  3. you got it bro... but out of curiosity, what is a rollover? do you mean a mcconkey?
  4. 1. line over mod toggles i used to use em but had one release and thee canopy opened turning... i dont use them anymore also because with the height were opening at they might be just useless. hook knife i carry, but feel like it is a long shot too. 2. dynamic corners... dont bother, you can wingsuit and track and pitch even head down without em and the bottom of yer pack tray wont get in the way and if it does it shouldnt do much. more important is keep yer feet away. i dont like packing the corners, but dont mind much either, 3. sliders just take whichever comes with and when yer in norway or have hard openings or snivelers then just look into buying the other one then... they sell em in Norway... this one isnt a big deal either way and most will agree. 4. wing loading just go with the size chute that the manufacturers suggest or go with the one that you fit into well with the charts in their owners manual and on their websites. 5. buy f11 pc's I swear to god they isolate way less, vents dont do anything cuz their not big enuf and f111 pcs pack easier and work fine... for the super low ones go for a non vented ZP from BR size 45 or 48.... other than that f111 for all sizes, many older skool experienced jumpers swear by this as well. 6. PIN VS Velcro If you are scared that BOTH those pins arent gona open get velcro... it works fine for winsuits and for terminal arieals and everything you just have to use your head and make sure it isnt worn or stressed or anything. I would never buy a new velcro rig because the trend is towards pins and that means the velcro ones are going cheap used. plus the vision is the best velcro rig and you cant get those new anymore... 2nd choice would be soft cock. dont forget about the one pin container as well. you can stand there and throw your PC in the living room and it will pop. it also is fine for all kinds of jumps. you'll be fine with whichever, but if you have the loot splurge for a nice new canopy what could possibly go wrong?
  5. 914

    Running exits

    just run off proud you got it bro run off of there like carl lewis and dont even worry about going head down... I dont get why people fear this so much, if it starts to happen, just put your arms way forward palms down grabbing the air to stop the forward rotation, it works great even in low airspeeds espcially with any sort of longsleeves. i see people so scared about going head down that they exit all strangely head up and have off headers that way and weak launches etc... others refuse to look down because they think that brings them head low and then they miss out on all kinds of nice ground rush and even altitude awareness. here is the thing... your body will always want to go head down, that is just the way it works, you gotta just find balance in it and be comfy and capable of countering it if it really is going further than the amount of degrees you are comfortable with. being a little bit head low when the harness catches you is no big deal as long as you remain symettrical and that is hard to do if you are panicking. dont think too much, just run off with confidence, and yeah, be enthusastic with that last step
  6. I will take 732 that is 2 A DAY average, but you gotta factor in that 06 is a leap year.