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  1. 914

    Italian terminal wall

    all you guys are have poor reading skills. I encouraged talking to locals by saying "I imagine they would be helpful" silly... so silly.
  2. BAAAA HAAAAA HA HA HAAA HA HAAAA. that is realy pathetic. and you are serious too. "oh booo hooo, I am a white educated american in the US with plenty of free time on my hands and even money... boo hoo, I have nothing to live for." BAAA HAAA HA
  3. 914

    Italian terminal wall

    a perfect strange goes and explores a base jump and you take offense. silly!
  4. 914

    Italian terminal wall

    hey 460 you think that this base jumper does not know that every base jump can be dangerous and potatntially fatal?... of course he does, all he is looking for is a the whereabouts of some totally bitchen exit points. and 689... yes, this website is a great place to get info. and yes I do think someone will give him the GPS coordinates if they have them, I just happen not to have them so I PM'd him directions as best as I could remember them. I imagine that the locals that frequent this site would be helpful to this curious base jumper as well. anyways, MIKE TB good luck finding your way to the top, and ignore these computer types when they post irrelevent negativity, they are just totally silly. It cracks me up... if someone asked you for directions to the store would you respond by saying "watchout, and look both ways before crossing any streets, you might cross a street on your way and that could make you the millionth person to ever die crossing the street."
  5. People have talked about this one before. The way to go is to steer immediately. a parachute can be slowed down and turned with either the seat belts or the yonkles. a standard base yonkle is pretty easy to grab. I have seen the deep brakes turn work really well on toggles in a pinch, indeed the seatbelts are bigger and work well too. the key is to just turn the thing away right away, usually by stopping forward speed first and doing a deep brakes pivot type turn using whichever way you are confortable and quick.
  6. defintely impressive. there is this kid named Jesse Hall. I feel he kind of redefined the learning curve. 50 objects in his first year, 200 jumps. his first jump was off of a Dam, then a waterfall in the swiss valley where he did a front flip. after a few more cliff jumps he finally went to Miles' bridge (which was jt's at the time.) he opened new sights in colorado with his friends, he ski based, he did aerials all over the place. he went to the royal gorge event and jumped that bridge safely. rookie of the year?
  7. In theory, yes, if your intention was to just turn 90 and pitch in a straight air with body facing away... the thing is that this is a very unnatural flying stance for snowboarding... you rarely see it base jumping or not, it seems easy but is proven not to be.
  8. How much of this stuff is going on? The Apooopa event, put on by America's Popularest Obnoxious Obese Parachuters of America who jump during the daytime with cameras and fireworks and stuff, seemed to be a break through for snowboard base. 6 people jumped boards, that may even double the total amount ever. at Apoopa these people jumped snowboards: Mark Ridley Jim Rippey Joel Coy Jeb Browning before that I can think of Barlia, and Jaap Suter that jumped actual snowboards not skyboards or whatever. who else? has anyone else been hucking the snowboards lately? can you please let us know if you are having the same findings? Other Apooopa highlights included telemark ski base by rjgill. Can anyone report another instance of tele-base or is this another first?? Snowlerblade base. wow, cool when are we gonna get to attend an EPOOOPE?.. European Putridly Odorsome Ostentacious Overgrown-haired Parachuters of Europe who jump legal cliffs in the daytime and dont tell anyone about it... cant wait... lets get it on. Edit to remove name of jumper, by request of jumper. ~TA
  9. yes, you may. I think this will be the weekend that we see telmark ski base and snowlerblade base... monoboard base needs to be revisited after clifhuckstable got a D on his first and last attempt at it...anyone? oh yeah, and if it can be arranged ostrich base is still the best idea going.
  10. http://www.blincmagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24035 http://www.blincmagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24035 [url]
  11. 914

    Start them young

    HA.. sarcasm.. out of TREE himself,and even Tom Aiello is finding humor in sarcasm!!! this is great, we are so proud of you guys... you are human after all. and to think Clif huckstable gets banned for an identical style of post. psyched. .
  12. WOW... so from what i can see... clif huckstable is back... SWEET this place wont be so godd dam boring now,,, he gave full info. on this incident and he has been editted the fuck out for telling it like it is/ the TRUTH... man TED DAVENPORT you are one idiot, this did not kill you, but I WILL. (threat) your dead!, DEAD. good luck man and geez you must feel dumb for missing the APOOPA event... idiot. how does that foot feel? in reality, you are the man! thanks for showing me a new object, and for just generally being the man and for representing the new breed of passionate ski basers and shit fu_ker uppers... cant wait to get terms and sub terms with you and dead man walking in the future... hell yeah, you guys are awesome and the rest of them are fags.. ass pounding, pillow biting faggots f--king queers, kill em all 914
  13. 914

    When do you pull?

    I was looking for the option of: high enough to be sure to make it to the LZ or perhaps the option of about 300ft. every jump is different but 300 off the deck is a pretty frequent time for me to reach back and toss out that pc thingy your poll grade: C- nice effort though
  14. Good question. my answer is that no it isn't a "good idea"... how could it be? in my book, no harm no foul. if it worked, it would have a positive trickle down effect in the sport, ie. a youthful locals scene at the bridge, that would create more fun people to jump with and new creative ways to have fun basing off the bridge. miles is a good teacher. we dont even know in what manner he was planning to throw them off the bridge if at all. but getting youth into base in Twin is good clean fun. Miles is a good role model for kids that age. another way to look at it is that people get injured in sports all the time, people who are good, people who are bad, people who are new. it doesnt mean they will stop letting us jump if people get hurt. to Tom, indeed the overhanging KL tower isn't all that malaysia has to offer. I have seen footy of people slamming into all kinds of stuff in malaysia. I was hard on you, but your points are more than frequently... wrong. to way2cool, i wasnt drunk
  15. Oh Tom you are such a stiff.. and WRONG, you are always wrong. here is a quote from a locked thread: "I disagree. Some of the events in Malaysia have involved nearly as many jumpers, making more jumps, from a significantly more technical object, without the incident count. In my opinion, the difference is largely the approach of the jumpers, but that mostly came from the ability of the organizers in Malaysia to ride herd more closely (which is almost impossible in Moab due to the large number of exit points, and the fact that you don't need the organizers permission to just show up and jump)." you are totally wrong. how is massively overhanging 1000ft tower more technical than a sub 500ft cliff? perhaps LZ perhaps not. to me the difference is that the jumpers in KL get scraped up off the ground, cuz it is hard to hit that object versus the guys in moab who get caught up on the wall. less spectacle in KL, more or similar injuries. and also YOU DONT JUMP, so of course you were not in Malaysia, if you had been you would know that people broke themselves off hard there this year... broken backs, ankles, heals, teeth, all kinds of stuff. miserable painful injuries that may or may not have been posted by the organizers who wanted to portray a success story. You just take the opportunity to kiss their asses because they also kiss your ass and it is a big cyclical butt kissing fest kind of like a circle jerk. people: don't listen to Tom, he is wrong. he doesnt know what he is talking about at all and he really should not be considered an authority.