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  1. Free fall that shit! Symmetry doesn't matter.
  2. I think you can feel it when you are very very relaxed or not doing multiple sick fast rotating aerials. I like it a lot. Symmetry doesn't matter.
  3. Brrrrr... Still coughing Symmetry doesn't matter.
  4. I jumped it twice its heavy. Symmetry doesn't matter.
  5. Where do you think it is? Where it always is... Symmetry doesn't matter.
  6. No one wants you around here BK! Alright! So just get lost! Symmetry doesn't matter.
  7. Thats a good one! Ha! What do you do with the tail? Symmetry doesn't matter.
  8. Phoenix is the only way to fly hands down. Symmetry doesn't matter.
  9. Did you make that rig out of fruit rollups? WTF! Symmetry doesn't matter.
  10. Sure they look cool, but do tracking suits really do anything? Symmetry doesn't matter.
  11. What is a wing suit total? I don't think I have done any of thoes. Wing suit base is fun, nuttier that squirl shit! Symmetry doesn't matter.
  12. The double game over when done correctly has excellent heading performance and should be done off everything! Unpacked self rescue jump after a wall strike is a very bad idea! Not joking at all. Symmetry doesn't matter.
  13. Sometimes you end up over lots of rocks, nothing but rocks... You need to control your canopy so you come in softly a top a rock like your hopping from one rock to another, because theres is no little grassy field to land in accuratly. I see people run out there landings all the time, get a canopy you can stop all motion with one foot off the ground. You will be able to land on rocks in trees on hot girls where ever you must. That is why control is more important than accuracy. Although when you can combine the two you become Jedi like Calvin! Symmetry doesn't matter.
  14. Skydivers suck at BASE jumping! Too many small canopy jumps. If you want to be a great BASE jumper always jump 7 cell fattys. Also canopy control means everything and canopy accuracy means squat when your landing in rocks. Good luck sky jumpers! Symmetry doesn't matter.
  15. If it has a shitter... It's a building! You guys need to jump more this is sad Symmetry doesn't matter.