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  1. That was the reason for my post... I am not sure What is the common best practice to resolve a solo flat spin? I would still try to bowl up, but given that happend after cutaway, what else than pull silver would be a better option?? alex --
  2. I am not sture if "get wide if you get in a spin" would help. For Tandem sidespin`s it is teached that you need to bowl up you and the passenger to stop the spin.... alex --
  3. I would not wonder if their (go pros`s) advertising videos are actually taken by a real camera gear and are faked or at least highly post processed at the end of the day.... All the small camera videos, taken by other fellow jumpers, I have seen are nowhere near the quality they advertise with... But now, flame on me... :-) alex --
  4. I had the same experience a while ago while doing 10-12 videos for a 4way during their training camp. After one or two days I had the same annoying bruises... (was used to porter, caravan, sky van before, not many jumps from otter... So... I asked the coach about any special technique, and guess his answer: "Don't use your inside leg..." :-) It worked :-) So.... I guess, it is just a brain thing, just keep focused during climb out and do it better... I`m not so much taller than you... alex --
  5. ast4711

    Digital or Analog Altimeter

    @ potatoman: 100% Agree to both of your points. I remember if doing video, after leaving the AC, I do not look at the alti at all. Neither in Freefall, nor under canopy - if jump and opening goes well (I have an audible too....) So malfunctioning or missing wristmount Altimeter is mostly not an issue at all - if everything goes well!! I also have a good number of jumps - does not make it better btw, but I would never want a "novice" to be in a situation where he is not able to reliable check his altitude at any time!! You are also right that it is very easy to spot your buddys analog altimeter, but it is nearly impossible to spot your buddys digital altimeter. In consequence, this is a point to consider, even if you are very familiar with your digital one. Altitrack is a good alternative, but it does have all the inherent problems of every electronic device. Considering all this, I still love my N3... :-)
  6. ast4711

    Digital or Analog Altimeter

    Well done summary! I personally absolutely prefer digital altimeters (use an N3 and had neptunes before) but mostly because of their additional features like logbook. Nevertheless, like you described, all the electronic gadgets needs power. So sooner or later you will end up with an electronic device which simply stops working because you forgot to change batteries, or to recharge them. Taking care of this requires awareness someone probably needs more for the important stuff. So if I use an electronic altimeter, I have to be prepared to a failure and in worst case be ready to e.g. jump without working altimeter. Realising that the good on the ground altimeter just stopped working minutes before exit puts a lot of additional stress on the user. If he is not prepared for this, then I would argue against and instead recommend the good old analoge (we know even they can fail....). This is the reason why I think every new jumper should at least by an analog alti to start with and to delay the decision to go electronic for a couple 100 jumps.... alex
  7. Why do you ask then...? alex --
  8. ok... ic.... So just another reason why I went right with the icarus :-) alex --
  9. Could it be an issue with the retainer loop shrinking over the time? Don`t really see how, but we had the same problem with spectra lines on a sport canopy where after some (many) jumps the eye got smaller and smaller up to a point where it was nearly impossible to insert the hard part of the toggle into it, let alone releasing the toggle... alex --
  10. Yesterday we had a women, I turned away last year because of her overwight. Story a year ago was: Women appeared for tandem, looked a little heavy, I took her to our briefing room, and asked her about her wight. She claimed 85kg (178lbs).... :-) Put her on a scale and guess: 115kg+ (240lbs) ! Explained everything to her and made clear that a jump is impossible. Since she had an already payed voucher (wight limit printed on it), I offered a full refund. She resigned and claimed that she will come back some day... Yesterday, she appeard again and hey, looked great!! Lost much, I think still 85-90kg but not more, so here we go...! Jump was great, she was so happy and everybody could feel that this jump was her big inspiration to finally loose wight! alex --
  11. I found out that this is not an issue for me: I am left eye, right handed and always had the ringsight on my left eye. When I got a new helmet the sight was mounted on the right eye by mistake. I never felt any difference at all.... alex --
  12. I like your setup, but as a long-time manfrotto user, I decided to try something new here`s why: 1. Manfrotto`s are quite heavy. I guess 100-150grams or so - per unit! 2. Manfrotto`s are quite high. I mean they put the suspended wight of the camera about 2cm higher than necassary. These two issues brought me to my new plan to make a new top plate with integrated x-shut`s. Very lightwight, ultra-low surface, I hope that contributes positively to my current neck problems! It is not ready, but I will post pictures when ready :-) alex --
  13. I have had lots of problems with my whole right arm, caused by computer mouse usage - which is my daily job... :-( At some point I invested in a touch pad (apple user) and all of the pain went away in about a month or two. I think it was all about the changing hand movements, especially the muscles which are involved in clicking objects.... just an idea, but might help you... alex --
  14. One thing to consider is batteries. I learned that sooner or later you will face a situation where the electroinic device simply stops working because of an empty battery. If all is well this happens on the ground, but one or two times, I missed the check on the ground and found myself in the plane without an alti at all... These digital altimeters require more maintainance simply because of the needed batteries! This is why a plain old analoge alti is a very good investment to start with... alex --
  15. I "fear" to use gatorz with CL`s but I hate my goggles too... Maybe I try these correction lenses you put in over night (don`t know their name) anytime soon.... Until them, I continue hating the goggles but only because they do not look as cool as gatorz :-) alex --