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  1. Go to Looks like they have chrome lenses as an option, plus they are cheaper then any other place.
  2. I recognize those hips.... and they are definitely some child bearing hips
  3. thanks tom, Ive jumped this object before with the same high wl canopy and have no problem landing it. Now you said with having the high wl it would open faster. In general, how high are you usually open when doing a rollover? are you at PCA hight? or Freefall hight? or somewhere inbetween? thanks
  4. So I shouldn't have any unusual opening with the high wing loading? the canopy is also unvented does that make a difference?
  5. Has anyone tried doing rollovers with a high wing loading such as a .9 off a low object such as 230ft? As anyone noticed any differences doing rollovers with a high wing loading vs rollovers with a regular wing loading? would the 230ft object be ok for the high wing loading? With the high wing loading I get some pretty bouncy slider off openings, just wondering if something weird would happen with the rollover.
  6. When I was purchasing gear, I went back and forth for a while between getting an Infinity and a Mirage. The main reason I went with a Mirage was the upward facing pin flap. I had previously jumped an Infinty before I bought the mirage and I really didn't like how the pin flap was hard to close and it seemed to get worn out pretty easily. Also if you want to go with a fully articulated harness Infinity only offers hip rings while Mirage offers hip and chest rings. Both rigs are extremely comfortable and look great. The customer service I got was exceptional with mirage, but I have herd Infinity is also great. But all in all the Infinity is a little cheaper so if you dont want to spend the least amount of money then go with the Infinity. I am very happy with my Mirage and would definatly will buy another one when I get a second rig. just my 2 cents jeff
  7. I'm looking for a .5 wide angle lens to fit a pc105 so a 30mm. I was looking at the differences between a slim profile one and ones that are a little more bulky. I would like to be able to still be able to zoom with it because I will be using it for some coaching jumps to film some students landings and stuff. I have herd that with the slim profile ones you can't zoom through them without making the image blury, is this true?? If anyone could suggest where a good place to get one or what kind i should look for that would be great. I would rather not spend a lot of money on it, but if thats what it come down to, i would like to know some options. thanks
  8. I just bought a G4 with a Unysin harness, and it feels great. I find it very comfortable. I do thread and tighten the chest strap to where I feel its comfortable before I tighten my legs straps, also I lean forward while I tight my leg straps. But after that it feels great
  9. Are there really any differences that I should be aware of before I choose one???
  10. I know the main flap on either rig will not come open, so im not worried about that.
  11. I am going to buy a new container, and im trying to decide between a mirage G4 and an Infinity. The price difference is only about 500$ so im not too worried about that. I am going to get hip rings on either one. I have tried them both on, and they both fell very comfortable to me. I'm kinda leaning towards the G4 only because of the pin cover flap goes up instead of the Infinity pin flap goes down and curls under becuase of ease of packing and pin checks. If anyone could give me their input that would be great. I'm really stuck between which one to get. Thanks, Jeff
  12. I am looking to get new gear, but i have no clue what to get. I have been reading reviews on a lot of gear but still don't know what to get. I currently have 47 jumps a weigh about 205 out the door. I am currently jumping a navigator 220 and I have no problem landing or flying it. If anyone could give me suggestions on what main to get and what container to get that would be great.