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  1. OUTSTANDING work Felix! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Thank you for opening the eyes of the world to the possibilities involving skydiving! So crack open a beer oh titan of the supersonic! We all salute you!
  2. Get a movie called Cashback. Very good drama \ love movie with a cool twist... We give it 2 * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  3. I sold my stuff to a pay some bills off. Now I am regretting it and looking to buy all new stuff But you have to do what you have to do. No jumping if you don't have the money for it anyways. * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  4. It is s amazing what they can do with the news these days. Original news cast * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  5. Crazy enough I always enjoyed those jumps greatly. The solos were the one I could reflect on why I really love the sport. Plenty of time to jump with others. Get the ground work down so when you do you kick ass! * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  6. Had someone deploy under me without a wave off. I already had my pilot chute in hand. Sorta did a hard ass barrel roll and throw. Body possition was all off and sure enough the nut under struck. I got slung so hard back intothe saddle that it ripped the stitching in the seat of my jumpsuit. Can we say black and blue for weeks. Wasn't and fun what so ever!!!! * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  7. Umm. Ok I guess I am a hot FF boy. Well at least the way I flop around in the air someone would probably mistake it for FFing Todd * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  8. I guess, call me ignorant... BUT who is Jim Rome??? I guess if he mattered, I would have heard of his show??? Just my humble input. >>--> Todd
  9. I would like to see a blue shirt with the white logo on the front. And on the sleeves have written down them long ways. Drop the whole pattern. Just my thoughts Thanks, Todd * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  10. Well.... I promise I am not bashing anyone. I was just asking an honest question. Informing others of my thoughts. And joining the forums, as requested by close friends. If I stepped on any rules. Then I promise that was not my intentions. As for taking to PM. I doubt the person in question would dare do that. Thank you for your comments. Todd * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  11. Why thank you... * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  12. Skydive? I will gladly throw him out of an airplane. Maybe he should answer that question. I always wanted to see a flying troll! * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  13. Well why thank you... Lets just say I am on a Quest. Wait wasn't that a VanDamme movie? Wait no... Couldn't be... ROTFLMFAO!!!! Thanks again, Todd * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  14. Recently a user named Vandamme entered the forums and made reference to someone’s looks. Vandamme very well knew that I know who he is, and decided to publicly bash me. To quote what he said “ vandamme Newbie (Full Profile) May 19, 2003, 3:59 PM Post #9 of 19 (99 views) Re: [Michele] attractive woman - ugly man - NEW [In reply to] Quote | Reply but when the woman looks like a mix between michele phifere and meg ryan and the man is a mix between a gorilla's ass and a head like a bulldog and a mouth like a hippo and the body of miss piggy, it just don't make know sense! and no, im not jealous, just sick to my stomach. *I usualy post under another name.* but this couple should be in believe it or not. “ Could that other name be CrashNFly!?! Can we say BUSTED Troll!!!! So let me know what you think ladies. Do I look like a cross between King Kong and Miss Piggy? Maybe Mr. Vandamme should quit worrying so much about me, and go back to school for some English lessons. Thanks, Todd A.K.A. FlyNCrash * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *
  15. Crashez


    [Warm hearted attractive female Kanga looking for fun loving kangaman to chew her green bush with. Must be willing to put up with wild mood swings, spontaneous hopping, biting, bitching, and be able to calm the wild beast in her. If you feel you are the master of the kangadance call..... 1-888-GOTAJMP Only serious kangahopefuls need call! * AIN'T IT COOL!!! ~~ John in broken arrow ~~ *