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  1. bigern13

    a few term questions

    Only know what backsliding is. It is when you are moving backwards vice straight down or forward as in a track. In other words if someone is in front of you, backsliding you would be moving away from them. I am curious as well about the others.... Hope this answers your question (correctly )
  2. bigern13

    Rig Rentals in Hawaii?

    Dont know about Pacific Skydiving Center in Dillingham but the guys right next door, Skydive Hawaii, does have rig rentals, just not that much to choose from. I am 5'10" and about 200 and their biggest rig was, well any smaller and there is no way I could have jumped it. The canopy was a 220. But the harness was small. I would check with both places. You'll find something I am sure. If you are bigger than I, suggest you call ahead.
  3. bigern13

    AFF and Tandem

    Totally up to tandem instructor. If he says yes, then yes. I have done it several times. Lots of fun to see friends face first hand.
  4. bigern13

    DZ in Southern Florida
  5. bigern13

    How many jumps does it take?

    Well, I did it in 7. I know a few people that have so it can easily be done. I feel if I can, almost anybody can . But I also know a few that took an extra 1 or 2 jumps to finish. I think the average is about 7-8 but thats me in my limited knowledge. By the way good luck to you and welcome to our wonderful sport!!!
  6. bigern13

    420 Boogie

    April 20th??
  7. bigern13

    Jumping with a Hernia

    Never had it but its sounds that you are like me (jumping every weekend trying to get jump numbers/experiece up) so good luck and wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery. Oh and if it doesnt hurt, I am no doctor but I PERSONALLY would keep jumping until either the surgery or it hurt, whichever came first.
  8. bigern13

    Skydive Palatka Caravan Weekend 11/18-20/2005

    You know I am! I get back from Maine that Friday night (18th) so I will be down Saturday.
  9. bigern13

    After Wilma

    Well I know Palatka is open. About 45 miles south of Jacksonville. My home DZ.
  10. bigern13

    Skydive Hawaii

    In short, I went there as a tandem a couple of times, and once with my A license after I finally got it. It seemed I was treated quite different. Not bad, just much better when I was a tandem. Felt a little unwelcome by a few people. Most people are fine, its just a couple of individuals.
  11. bigern13

    Skydive Palatka

    I made my first tandem in 2002. I finally got off my butt this year (2005) and completed AFF. Now I am at my home away from home EVERY weekend. SKYDIVE PALATKA. Everyone is super friendly, and safety is always priority number one. Well, right along with HAVING FUN. Wanna jump, come on down. Thanks ART, Jeff, Jessica, Miss Winnie, Stacey, Tammie and the rest of the Skydive Palatka family for all your help and making me feel welcome.