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  1. I'm going to be in Fairford for a few days (about 30 minutes to an hour west from London what I am told) and was wondering if anyone had any good or bad things to say about the DZ's in the area. The DZ locater says there is like 5 within 50 miles from where I will be. Just trying to figure out which might be my best bet as far as vibe/people to jump with. Only have one day I can jump so can't check out more than one. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  2. As people have already said, everyone will have favorites for different reasons. I have not jumped at all the DZ's in Florida, but of the ones I have my home away from home is Palatka. Can't say enough good things about the place, the vibe, the people, and the DZO, Art, is one of the best all around and genuine guys I know. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  3. DUUUUUUDE I am trying to figure out which 3-D LED TV to buy.... that will make me have to get a whole new Sony BDP-S770 Blue Ray player to do 3-D too The benefits of the PS3. I have one of the firsts to come out 4 years ago and the last update was to allow it play 3D blue rays. Now Just need the TV. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  4. bigern13

    Penis Power

    "...and all he's offering you is a side of penis..." "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  5. WOW! Talk about misinformed. Palatka, Tandem Factory? HAHAHAHAHAHA Friendliest and best all around DZ in Florida. Not downing others (there are a few others i enjoy) some offer certain things that others dont, all have their ups and downs, but none have a better vibe, and friendlier group of people than Palatka. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  6. I vote not! Been looking forward to it. Can't wait. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  7. Awesome thank you very much for your response!! I really appreciate it. BS "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  8. Hello Everyone! I did a search in the forums for dropzones in Italy, and they all seem far from where I am going. I have never been to Italy but it seems I am going to get the chance next month. I am in the Navy and In Iraq right now but next month going to Sigonella in Sicily. Any and all help regarding location and facilities/equipment available (as I don't have my rig with me) is appreciated greatly!! BS "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  9. I miss you guys ...Well, those of you who remember me!!! "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  10. Hey airborne. I am primarily a freeflyer and just got stationed in hawaii. Right now I am on deployment, but i get back at the end of june so I will be jumping again. I'll freefly with ya. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  11. That was so wrong. lol BUT i dont expect any less from you mike. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  12. I want to see pics. There better be a tube or two somewhere in my honor Miss you all, wish I could be there.... "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  13. Sup chad. Did you get that footage from Matt?? Let me know how much so you can mail me one.. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  14. Where were you sat and fri and thursday? I made 12? Saturday alone 5 with a nap and a lunch break. "I'm scared of a little wind" lol I understand, you just didnt want to jump with me. Its cool. "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA
  15. Just wanted to say thanks, to everyone at Skydive Palatka for the last year and a half of wonderful and priceless memories. My only regret is to have to leave. I had an awesome time (as usual) at the hog flop and hope everyone else did too. Hope to see everyone there again when I come to visit in June. Love you all and if you guys find yourself in Hawaii (Oahu) hit me up. Keep in touch. Get well soon Butthead. Blue SKies..... "I love 'lamp'." -SKYMAMA