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  1. Airgump

    Skydive Minnesota

    Skydive minnesota has one of the sweetest C-182's that i've had the chance to jump. the grounds, hanger, and folks there are top shelf all the way. Though there is a tandem mill with a turbine aircraft about 30 miles closer to me, i would suggest driving the extra few miles and spend one's hard earned money at a place that has the most friendly people and treats their clients (whether a new or experienced jumper) as good as gold. Kelly and Nick run a first rate drop zone. you should get out there ASAP so you too can feel the vibe. gump
  2. talk to Jim Wallace when you get out to Perris. He has mega experience with "special" situations.
  3. Airgump

    US dropzone where i could work?

    skydive city in z-hills is an option. they have the most awesome DZ and always has tent city going on. you might drop Khan an email and see if he needs any packers working for him at nylon city (the home of the best compression engineers i've ever used.) you can contact him at blues, gump
  4. Airgump

    FREE - old copies of magazines

    did Tony H. help you with that awesome still?
  5. Airgump

    Debbie Laws

    BSBD Debbie, every time i was out to Z-hills our paths always crossed and you always put a smile on my face. Miss ya already sweetie, see ya when i see ya! gump