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  1. I haven't been on here for awhile and am sad to see Tom pass. Our paths first crossed up in NE when he was a tandem master. The world and the sport lost one of the best people that there ever was. it seems a lot of the world's young fit athletes are dropping like flies these days.
  2. Funny how you don't hear much about people of color in the Civil War and how they were treated on both sides of the battle lines. I hope some day I will get the honor of shaking Mr. H.K. Edgerton's hand. H.K. Edgerton: more: who'd of thunk it? Bonus link:
  3. mars would be a great place to start a prison colony, much in the way that australia was initially used by the brits. i think barry soetoro and his criminal gang would be an awesome start in this endeavor. he, barry, still wants to be king rat of something, and mars would be a wonderful planet for a grand liberal experiment.
  4. you don't lose your wife or gf at the dz, just your place in line.
  5. hi jerry, i disagree. the greatest engineering marvel was water and more important sewage systems. big cities or population bases would not exist in a disease environment. the landing on the moon would not have happen if half the population died off every now and the.
  6. leave it to canucks to meddle in their neighbors affairs
  7. for a small upstart fledgling country that had barely been in existence for less than 36 and to kick Mother England and her professional military's butt, is pretty righteous.
  8. so beav, i guess you know there are bad operators in police forces all over this world, just like politicians of all parties. what right did the perp have to attack the police officer? just because he/she has a gun, badge, and wears blue, does that make him/her automatically guilty of sins of another?
  9. must be the long cold winters you guys have up there, moronic thought pattern seem to have taken hold of you.
  10. had no problem finding it back during the "revolutionary war." my bad, it was the War of 1812 that the army took a little trip north of the border.
  11. ask the flint cop that got stabbed in the neck and had to subdue the perp, beavis. i'll bet the attack was terroristy enough for him and his family.
  12. after the events yesterday in flint, our neighbors to the north might need to be added to the travel ban.
  13. hey rush, just the obvious result of barry soetoro and how he weaponized every part of the federal govt. it was a forced use of the federal govt as the PC police to break the constitution, much like his love of picking the winners and losers, which through his pathetic 8 years was chock full of losers. what the donald hasn't canceled out, the courts are killing as they get to them. before long the only thing left of the great kenyan's legacy will be the vast amount of debt he ran up playing messiah.
  14. a army general, a navy admiral, and an air force general are at the pentagon finalizing their retirement. the final part was to calculate their retirement rate. The genius's in the headshed devised a formula that consisted of a value times the distance between any two points on the retiree's body. the three were briefed and in turn asked what two body points they wished to be used in the calculation the navy admiral went with the tip of the nose to the end of right foot. The medic took the measurement, fed it into the computer and generated the rate. the air force general went with the top of his head to the end of his left toe. he was measured and the rate was generated. the two stuck around to see what the army general chose, and died laughing when he chose the tip of his nose to his right testicle. when he drops his pants for the medic to make his measurement, the medic notices the right nut is missing, he asks the general where it is, he replies "got it shot off in a rice paddy in 'nam back in '65," now get to measuring.