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  1. On my very first jump following my A license a student was doing his Hop-n-Pop out of the Cessna 206 (Hemet, CA). His chute opened in a pile of crap and he did everything correct, had plenty of time and still managed to stand it up in the center of the peas. Of course I was freaking out watching him from the aircraft.
  2. Classified ads don't seem up to snuff. Images not loading (if they migrated). Also, some flash ads aren't happy on my Mac.
  3. I just got back to jumping (time off to have a tax deduction/terror/best kid in the world). Been out to Elsinore twice this month but normally jump at Perris. I'll jump with you as long as you don't try and kill me.
  4. I thought about this also... it isn't that far a flight to hit some Bravo airports from most of the DZs I jump. Better runways, full medical and a tower with a staff trained to deal with this type of crap.
  5. Single prop Cessna? Drop the load and land it after declaring an emergency so EMS is there when we land. Otter or larger... point it out to see and get out. The Navy can shoot it down.
  6. Most policies are very specific on the activities you can and can not do. There is usually a cooling off period after the policy is written that excludes payment if you die doing these activities. I got a policy when my child was born and couldn't do anything "fun" for a year. No: skydiving, scuba diving, competitive motorcycling, piloting a private aircraft, ect. Ask your agent and be upfront about it. You don't wanna pay all this money and not have the policy give it up if you go in. BS/BD
  7. It ain't flashy...but it works and fits excellent. chuck
  8. You mean I do know how to read? I MUST ask for more money at work! chuck
  9. Ahhh....I miss spoke. What was I thinking!?! Not a Wings! DOH! As for the comment that my stows are too long....they are 2 inches. Now I need to go pack. chuck
  10. There are two straps across the top of the flap. You may not have even noticed them. I use long rubber bands for the grommets and short ones for the flap top stows. I'm stuffing a 150 into a rig made for a 135. It isn't always pretty, but it opens nice, on heading and consistantly. chuck
  11. Fits like my Cobalt 150 in my Wings W10. I would recommend using the loops on top of the flap rather than the ones on the corner of the D-bag. It will keep those lines off the side. I'll get a pick if you need it. Oh, and hell yes, those stows are too long. Other than that....go jump it. It'll get easier, I swear.
  12. They were in the process of changing location. Give Sherry a call and ask directly. I've got a few of their suits/pants. Love 'em, chuck
  13. Hey, doesn't the Soloy 207 have the Allison C20S engine? Would this mean the 2 shut downs per hour is appropriate? Sounds like the deal for a smaller DZ that wants the altitude but not the volume of the Otter. chuck
  14. In the U.S. DOT's Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) ch. 8-1-1 it states: c. Medication. 1. Pilot performance can be seriously degraded by both prescribed and over-the-counter medications, as well as by the medical conditions for which they are taken. Many medications, such as tranquilizers, sedatives, strong pain relievers, and cough-suppressant preparations, have primary effects that may impair judgment, memory, alertness, coordination, vision, and the ability to make calculations. Others, such as antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, muscle relaxants, and agents to control diarrhea and motion sickness, have side effects that may impair the same critical functions. Any medication that depresses the nervous system, such as a sedative, tranquilizer or antihistamine, can make a pilot much more susceptible to hypoxia. 2. The CFRs prohibit pilots from performing crewmember duties while using any medication that affects the faculties in any way contrary to safety. The safest rule is not to fly as a crewmember while taking any medication, unless approved to do so by the FAA. Not that this really says anything to anyone other than a lawyer. The wife is a doctor and since I get sinus blockage all the time she tells me to take Pseudoephedrine. Non-drowsy, in fact it's a mild stimulant (hense the ephedrine you see in "sports drinks"). The final call is yours. Be prepared to save your own life. Or just get in your car and drive home while drowsy. .02 chuck
  15. Wow! Vintage gear! I purchased a rig with a Clipper and a Flyer just off student status. I canned the Flyer but put some 30+ jumps on the Clipper. The openings were...brisk. Actually, I learned a bunch of packing tricks because the openings were so quick.