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  1. he sent me a cheque as well but already knew not to bank it but the bank is tracking him now and hopefully will bust his ass
  2. He done the same to me but his name was John Thompson his kid was in Australia. I received a cheque in British pounds but it was not his name on the cheque so going through bank to track him. I contacted Sangiro about this but never heard back from him either.
  3. got another email suposidly from his wife but under the sam email addy, she told me that he is sick in bed. I have got the cheque but it's under a ladies name that hasn't even ot the same name so everyone look out for a guy by the name of John lawrerence his email is [email protected] user name lugob47
  4. Ive hreard from this guy as well but under a different name, have sent all the info to Sangiro but havnt heard anything from him either
  5. Here's a good one for you then, We dont have seatbelts in the plane we jump so no seatbelts, and helmets are always on till or ditters go off then they all come off.
  6. Have already talked to her and going to give a few weeks warning before I send it.
  7. Cheers for that, and yes N.Z is a 6 month cycle.
  8. I was forced to take a downwinder the other day(my first) with any real wind anyway. Got up off the ground thinking shit that was fast. oh and plastered in mud as well.
  9. I,ve been jumping a safire2 170 right off student and it's great got the openings down to about 700ft nice and soft as well. Very responsive canopy and heaps of fun. Has a great flare and even better using the riser's.
  10. Just wondering, My reserve repack is due right at the same time as the biggest meet here in N.Z and was wondering if you can send it away early to get repacked so I dont end up having too use student gear again.
  11. We'll see bout that one then and If
  12. So I guess this means there is finally a female out there that understands what we say, my god took long enough.
  13. That is farking hilarious. Were can i try one.
  14. Thats what I done brought everything off different people, worked out great and I've got a rig that suits me fine. And it probably cost less than buying a complete rig.