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  1. If you genuinely are concerned with protection, then don't get a skydiving helmet at all. Even a junky bike helmet from walmart has to meet certain standards by law. Skydiving helmets do not. Look at bmx helmets, snow sport helmets(skiing and snowboarding), paragliding helmets, and maybe a few motocross, though they tend to be too heavy. You can find full-face helmets in all these categories and the face bar is actually tested as part of the standard. Base jumpers are more interested in real helmets; check out their forum.
  2. How many sport rigs are sold in the US each year? Do rig manufacturers consist of 2 people in a garage or do they have 100 employees toiling away building rigs 24/7? :) Thanks
  3. Well, my kids would probably care. You're right, I wouldn't be able to care too much at that point. lol
  4. But then I wouldn't be able to claim that skydiving was a spur of the moment thing. It would seem premeditated. lol
  5. If I get life insurance just before I get start skydiving, is that going to be ok? Or will it fail to pay out if something happens a month after I get the insurance? lol At this time I can truthfully claim I don't have any 'dangerous hobbies', but what if I start one immediately after getting the insurance? Thanks
  6. So, essentially, if the canopy were fully inflated 10 ft above the ground, your speed when you reached the ground would be the same as if your canopy fully inflated at 1000 feet?
  7. I was wondering how quickly we actually slow down after deployment. For example, if a 175 lb person is under a 175 sq ft. canopy, what is the velocity 1 second after full inflation, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, etc. Does anyone know? Thanks