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  1. AndyBoyd

    When Right is Wrong

    Spot on. Thank you, Mr. Burke, for all you do for the sport.
  2. AndyBoyd

    February weather in Eloy?

    I'm not an AZ local, but I've been to Eloy a number of times over the past winters. It's almost always jumpable. Go for it.
  3. Drop zones classify their instructors as independent contractors for tax purposes. This article identifies instructors as "employees" in the last paragraph, and advocates that drop zones assume even more control over their instructors than they already have. It's really not a great idea to publish this article on an open internet forum. Drop zones are right on the edge of the employee/independent contractor line as it is. Articles like this make it seem even more like instructors are employees. The moderators might want to think about removing this article.
  4. AndyBoyd

    Jerry Jacquin

    Blue skies, old friend. You will not be forgotten any time soon.
  5. AndyBoyd

    Launching Bows

    You are probably not driving your right elbow and shoulder down hard enough. If you cannot see tail's reserve handle, you are not doing it right. Before anyone gets all bent out of shape, that's a joke. Seriously, if your formation is turning 180, it is highly unlikely you are the sole cause. Have an experienced coach look at a video of your exit. That's the only way to figure out what's wrong.
  6. AndyBoyd

    Vids of new 4 way Blocks

    There is some discussion of techniques for the new blocks here:
  7. AndyBoyd

    Instructor Liability risk

    Here is a thread about instructor liability.;search_string=liability;#3262506 Yes, it is a real problem, and you should seriously consider the potential risk before instructing students.
  8. AndyBoyd

    The Self Packing Parachute

    I have 2 self-packing parachutes. I just lay them down in the south hangar and go back in about 20 minutes and they are packed. Seriously, I apprciate the packers' hard work every weekend. And that video is cool, but a little creepy.
  9. AndyBoyd

    Post-Jumping Depression

    Your profile indicates you have 26 jumps. If this is accurate, you are still getting a huge adrenaline rush from every jump. It is natural to feel a bit of a psychological let-down after the adrenaline rush goes away. If it is hitting you so hard that you are not able to leave your home the next day, this is not natural, and it is possible you are having more signficant emotional issues. I am not a doctor, and I would not presume to tell you what to do about this. But to answer your question, that much of a let-down after jumping is most definitely not a normal thing.
  10. AndyBoyd


    After having two nasty spinning malfunctions on my old canopy (not a PD), I decided it was time to upgrade my canopy. After talking to a few gear salespeople (the staff at the Sunshine Factory were particularly helpful), I determined that the Spectre had the qualities I wanted in a canopy. I have not been disappointed. It consistently opens softly and on heading. After roughly 650 jumps on my Spectre 150, I have had minor line twists on maybe three or four occasions. Other than those incidents, the openings are great. The canopy has a surprisingly powerful flare for a 7-cell, and my no-wind landings have never been better. I am not a swooper, but I have watched folks swoop Spectres a fair distance. All in all, the canopy does exactly what I want it to: it opens without giving me a hard time, and it lands me softly. I liked the canopy so much, I bought another one for my second rig. The only drawback is that Spectres do not glide as well as most 9-cells out there, and I can have problems if the spot is long. The canopy does respond pretty well to rear riser input, though, so this is not a huge issue. I have been very pleased with my Spectres, and would recommend this canopy to anyone who is looking for a solid, reliable canopy that opens beautifully nearly all the time.