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  1. I was asleep for a long time. # Rip Van Winkle.
  2. It's odd that you'd phrase this question, "presuming heaven exists," then give people an option to vote that heaven does not exist. But OK, your poll, your rules. MHO is that a kind and loving god would not condemn a good person to eternal hellfire and torment, simply because that person did not believe in a system based purely on faith and not evidence. In other words, yes.
  3. AndyBoyd

    When Right is Wrong

    Spot on. Thank you, Mr. Burke, for all you do for the sport.
  4. This is just normal anxiety from your first trips to the sky and the tunnel. It'll go away as you learn to relax in the air. In the meantime, try to pick option 3.
  5. Like Wendy, not trying to trap you. Just asking. I thought you and your friends and family and congregation were 100% convinced. What's up with the "doubt and uncertainty"? Do you have any of that?
  6. I'm not an AZ local, but I've been to Eloy a number of times over the past winters. It's almost always jumpable. Go for it.
  7. Was there another time when a foreign country interfered with our election? I really don't know. Can you point out another time when this happened? I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, just asking. None that I know of. My point had nothing to with the past howerver. My point is the left is in so much denial over the election. Russian interference (if there really was any) would just help them continue to try and de-legitimize a Trump presidency. You know there has to be some other reason than Hillary jost lost to a.better candidate. No.way. Cause any thinking person would not vote.for Trump normally. So it had to be the Russuians! This appears to be all political to me at this piont anyway. The presidential election is about politics? Who knew? Look, I'm a progressive liberal, and I'm not in denial about anything. Trump won. From my point of view, that sucks, but there's nothing to do but move forward. I think the Ruskies probably did throw a bit of a monkey wrench into things, but we've done this lots of times to other countries. And crying about it won't help. The Dem's just need to find a better candidate next time.
  8. Was there another time when a foreign country interfered with our election? I really don't know. Can you point out another time when this happened? I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, just asking.
  9. You are either a blathering idiot to believe this propaganda from your beloved MSM without demanding a shred of evidence to back up the claims, or you are one world class lying sack of shit. Go ahead and ban me. You think I care? However while you are reaching for the ban button, watch the video of a press conference below (watch the whole thing) and then come back and tell everyone else with a straight face that your hero Obama, the Clintons, the US government, the CIA and your beloved MSM is telling the American people the truth. Syria - Sovereignty and Peace. Press Conference, United Nations from Dec 9th 2016 So what is it? Are you a blathering idiot, or a lying sack of shit? Take it easy. He may be right. It might be the first time a foreign country has swayed our elections. But, as I outlined above, we have clearly done this to other countries. So, in that sense, he's mistaken. It happens. He's neither a blathering idiot or a lying sack of shit, he just made a mistake. Crissake, relax.
  10. I'm not a Trump fan. But I have no doubt we have done this before to other countries. The election in South Vietnam in 1971 was the first one off the top of my head. Even the Huffington Post concedes we have been doing this in Latin America like forever. Did the Ruskies meddle in this election? Probably. Did it help Trump? Of course. Do the Democrats (I am one) have anything to complain about. Um, no. [url] Edited to show gowklerk's quote
  11. Winner winner chicken dinner. It took me a while to figure out this guy's game, but I think I've finally got it. 1. Make a ridiculous statement or tweet something crazy. Make sure it is something that will fire up the base. This one is perfect. We hate flag burners! Flag burners are hippies and communists! Strip their citizenship and throw them in jail! 2. The right-wing base loves it. 3. The left-wing freaks out and directs all sorts of attention to a silly comment Trump probably doesn't even believe. The left wing takes more shots at Trump. 4. Trump now has the opportunity to act like he's been unfairly targeted by the elite left-wing whoever's. 5. The right-wing base rallies even closer around Trump, because he's been attacked again by those horrible elite media types. 6. In all the noise and confusion, everyone forgets about the very real problems the Trump administration is already having. 7. In the end, Trump controls the message, the reaction to the message, the reaction to the reaction to the message, and he wins again. Whatever your beliefs about the man (I am not a fan), this is masterful politics.
  12. Um, have you seen who the Republican nominee for president is? He wasn't nominated by the majority of the Republican party. I know! Weird huh! Weird isn't the word I'd use to describe his nomination, but you can choose whatever word suits you.
  13. Um, have you seen who the Republican nominee for president is?
  14. From the guy "in charge": Chris "Douggs" McDougall 12 hrs · Just for the record...... This muppet with no leg straps on was NOT one of my students!! I was looking after ten other people perfectly fine and this dick he'd just showed up!! He was one second away from jumping when I caught the mistake. He was NOT one of my students. On headings for me tomorrow. I will release my video angle when I get a chance!! ❤️ triple check your gear everyone!! 💥 I don't know anyone involved in this, and I'm not a base jumper. I'd just like to say my hat's off to Chris for saving a life here. As to the negative the stuff in this thread, it's best to just ignore it. It's just toxic garbage.