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  1. wonder how different it is from the lotus.
  2. 12 hours of tunnel wow thats not a cheap proposition. well done!
  3. Who is doing freefly coaching in Tampa/Brandon tunnel.
  4. I had a katana 107 for about 100 jumps was one of the worst opening canopies I ever owned never chopped it. Bought a velo 103 and it opened 100 times better than the Kat.
  5. Any thoughts on price and number of jumps on canopy?
  6. The guy is asking 500 knowing it needs a reline. I would like something more consistent than my velo gave me in 150 jumps.
  7. Looking at an older xaos 21 that has 950 jumps on it been relined 400 jumps ago. Any opinions on the canopy I have jumped and owned Katanas Velos Storms etc. What is one worth that is in good shape. Thanks for any help. Just little experience with anything other than PD.
  8. Anyone interested in trading a JFX 96 or 99 prefer 99 for a Velocity 103 with about 50ish jumps on it?
  9. Anyone spoke to the pilot to get his point of view. Would be interesting to hear from him.
  10. I guess I over simplified. Until I got my velo I have never even come close to chopping. I will say it opens better than my Katana did. So would not say its a nightmare but in 150 jumps its been chopped twice. Relax look at the horizon pull symmetrically I dont touch risers while its opening stay centered in harness. My thought on working mans cross brace is making it a bit less aggressive and twitchy. Its gotta be possible. Anyway good thread. I do hope to demo a JFX see the differences.
  11. Maybe the JFX is the working mans cross brace. A cross braced canopy that is not super twitchy wants to open on heading or aka opens much like a normal 9 or 7 cell. Jumping a velo I pull and hope for the best. I sure dont expect it. I just love flying the canopy so makes it worth it. If someone built something with just a slight loss in performance but better opening characteristics then yes thats a working mans cross brace. We were crazy to go from rounds to squares.
  12. I am no expert when it comes to canopies. However, isnt it about time that a working mans cross brace hit the market. My velocity feels much more stable and rigid than my storm. I dont know about line trim aspect ratio and what have you but maybe what they have done with the JFX is given you a nice stable platform that has docile opening much like 9 and 7 cell non cross braced canopies. Part of the issue with the velocity being so damn twitch line length as well. Maybe someone from NZ can speak to this.
  13. Tony U jumps one and loves it. Says it opens way better than his Saber 2 and better on heading. All he jumps is wingsuits. I am going to demo one and see how it goes. When I talked with Tony he loved the canopy.
  14. Helmut

    Apache X

    I think I might have to send my wingsuit back to Robi clearly I am not smart enough to hang with you propeller heads especially you wood clog wearing ones!!!