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  1. i'm not a competition swooper, but i love high perf canopies, especially those who dives hard like the velo... i've heard the JVX dives really less than the velo So my main question is how JFX dives comparing to a same loaded velo, and a same loaded JVX?
  2. I wanted people to give me some feedback, not speculating about my number of jumps! Last update of my profile was something like 4+ years ago. I currently have 1700 jumps, including 400 on velocity loaded at 2.2, almost 100 with full RDS, 300 on Katana loaded at more than 2, 500 on Vengeance loaded 1.5 to 1.8... So... give feedbacks
  3. Hello I need a feedback about JFX. I currently fly with a velo loaded about 2.4, love its fly but i'm sick of the openings! I could be interested by a JFX with the same load. Does anybody have a feedback about the fly of the JFX comparing to the velo ( only fly, i know JFX openings are cool) Also interested about JFX/JVX comparison.
  4. Hello I am about to order a voodoo v2. A spectre 150 can fit in this rig, but i would like to know if a Storm 150 will fit too??? What about the packing volume of a PD storm by comparison with a PD spectre of the same surface?
  5. Petite DZ gérée par des bénévoles pure souche! Venez nous rendre visite!