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  1. ive held an open water for about 5 years. my fav place to dive....british virgin islands. awesome diving there Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  2. I just gave Hans the new chili peppers stadium arcadium today. so there are new tunes there folks, don't fret! Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  3. Happy B-Day pyke! Sorry we couldn't hook up for GSl video, you didn't miss much! i'll see you in the next week or so. school's out for summer! Enjoy it, you're only old....onc....oh nevermind. Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  4. thanks for all the pm's and advice from everyone. the team and myself appreciate everyone sharing their experiences and info. hopefully someone will be hearing from us at collegiates next year!!! Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  5. thanks for your input. all of us have had basic body flight training in the past 5 months or so in the tunnel, and have even done some 4-way in there! even so, I like your point about not needing someone high profile to do the coaching. we can't really afford to travel to perris, orlando is pretty much our sole option. Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  6. For those I don't know on the forums, my name is Alex Heller and I'm a member of the University of GA skydiving club and 4-way team. We had a team go down to collegiates this year and did ok, had about a 4 pt average. Our team members all have less than 200 jumps and have an average of an hour of tunnel time. We absolutely love doing 4-way though, even with such low numbers. Anyway, I was wanting to get some advice on some good 4-way coaches down near Orlando. We are trying to get back down to the tunnel in the next month of two and wanted to know who is available or we should talk to. Obviously, we can't pay a ton extra for coaching, but realize the huge effect it has on the training and how much more we get out of it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I already have learned much from our previous coaches and the wealth of data in this forum. Thanks! Alex Heller 4 Dawg Night 4-way team (UGA) Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  7. I didn't do great, but got 13 jumps in.... would've done more but my atm wouldn't give me any more $. alex Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  8. i'm leaving from destin tommorrow morning! the beach has been nice, but its dublin time... the dawgs will be in tm night! woo-hoo!!!!!!!
  9. I just turned 20 three days ago, and have got about 150 jumps and 2 hrs in the tunnel in the last 10 months. Had a scholarship check that I used to get through AFF and some initial jumps. I've got a small loan I pay every month on my gear. And luckily, attending UGA I get the HOPE scholarship, which pays for my tuition and part of books. My parents help with with living expenses. Everything I make working part-time is for jumping and a few other small things. There are so many people at college who spend tons of money on booze, fraternity memberships, going out to eat. I pretty much eat cheap, have cut down on the amount of drinking (or found where the specials are), and reduced my spending. But if I was completely on my own with no HOPE scholarship or parental involvment, don't think I could be in the sport in my current state. I don't and will never be someone who goes into CC debt to get more jumps or live on a DZ. I love this sport so much, but it's still a hobby. I've got a lot of other things in addition to this that I want to do with myself in the next 5-10 years. Just my 2 cents. Alex Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  10. Well, my list is probably very recent considering my years, but: Top Gun for sure Friday Die Hard Point Break Old School Matrix Total Recall Rudy Blade Rush Hour I think it's funny that a lot of the movies on this list are ones that TBS has the tv rights too, you guys know the same flicks show up every 3 months or so. Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  11. andy, this sounds like this is a regular enough occurance to be claimed as a fetish... Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  12. i've always got an 18 pack of keystone light for you lee.... once you've have about half, you forget it tastes bad. or in my case, four or so. seriously, i can only drink this stuff so ive got enough cash for the boogie Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  13. Vanilla Caramel Fudge...i haven't been able to find it lately but its delicious!
  14. Amanduh bdbrown Becca BellyFlyer1985 BigM BillyVance (maybe) blueskyserenity Bolas? Bomb Squad Boomer & Chris ccowden Chaoskitty CieloDiosa CrazyRick crutch & Tammie CSpenceFly and Mrs. RoamingDZ (aka, Julie) Darkwing Dave Waters David King dbattman and a shovel FlyDoc Fmmobley freefalle freelyflyn71 Gemini Gia Goofyjumper hisgoofyness HellaMannn Hushpuppy Icon134 Jeffskydiver & Connie jelloJ Jerry Fields? Jessie07 JGarcia jumpingbean001 Jumpchikk jumpergirl katiebear21 Keith Kramer Larry Thomas Lauraliscious Lisamarie Lister55 LoudDan marks McDuck & BoomBoom mcneill79 Micduran midnightrider Missg8tordivr MOUTH Namgrunt Nanner Nate_1979 oozzee Pendejo & 1snowangel philly51 Pincheck Popsjumper Psycho Bob & Patty Pyke RastaRicanAir Red Rocket ReLLik revillusion Rick Rookie120 Sabre2190 Scotty Carbone selbbub78 skinnyshrek Skychick312 Skymama? skymonkeyONE Stl135 Superman32 Tami Carbone teamjenn1 The_Don & Jeannier UpNDown whodamiss Wildcard451 Wingnut wonderhog vdschoor XenaSwampJumper Yardhippie & Hottieliscious ncfitzge woodpecker (if he doesn't punk out again) i'll be there!!!! sounds like a good follow-up to the beach for spring break -Alex Alex UGA Skydiving Club
  15. i thought i was going to die after being in the hot tub for +- 2hours one night with my shower cap on. almost got killed for dancing with some gangsters muchachas at the legends lounge downstairs. and nate nearly slapped me for waking him up at 7 a.m. for sport acc. alex Alex UGA Skydiving Club