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  1. I probably dumped a student a little high last weekend because of some confusion between JM's. I had to be honest with the student and let him know he didn't do anything wrong, I was worried about some other stuff. But twice is too much. Now you're just being a huge dick.
  2. natef


    Great all-around; im a beggining swooper and this canopy helped me figure the setup and dive procedure. however, if you are far from the dz, prepare to give your arms a workout while holding the rear risers for a few minutes to even out the glide slope.
  3. Im doing a 270 now at about 500-600 ft. and I end up high. I keep hearing 'slow down the turn' but that seems to give even less dive, and I am initiating from brakes.
  4. I am thinking about starting to do a 180 and then another 270 for more speed and more dive. Im on a sabre2 135 (1.5:1) and I just dont feel like Im getting a lot of dive out of it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nate
  5. There's no crying in skydiving!!!! ... if you can't feel your face. -10F at altitude sunday, still fun.
  6. Undergrad in Electrical Engineering (with a lot of Aerospace classes). Flew with Airlock (4-way) for 2 years. Competed in collegiates 3 times, probably will once more.... Jump at ASC, Skydive The Farm, and Monroe
  7. Yeah, Im carrying some headliners now, so there is more airtime. Armin's my bitch. Who's up for a cocktail?!
  8. Damn. What a good time. However, I always meet these cool people and never get contact info, so say who you are/what you almost got arrested for. Nate (Ga Tech, 4way in GREEN suit): Supplying alcohol to minors; Public disturbance
  9. My team is looking for a point flyer to sub in during the SkyQuest competition this weekend (Nov 19 and 20). This is a ten round competition in Lakeland, FL. We scored a 10.5 at Nationals this year. Team information and videos are available at If interested, please email [email protected] asap! Thanks! Nate Airlock