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  1. When I was on the plane on the way down to florida...I looked at my watch to check the altitude when we were taking off...ughhh....
  2. I think that there are wind tunnels for canopies, but they are only for testing. I know that they use a wind tunnel that is typically used to test aircraft wings so they can test wing suits. They are ridiculously expensive though. Something like 10k a day if I remember correctly.
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    I have never posted on the old forum, this is my first time... I totally agree with everything you said, I guess that I didnt explain it as articulately as you did. But I totally agree with you what you have to say. I know people that refuse to jump with AADs or RSLs and they have their own opinions. Every jumper is ultimately responsible for themselves. The only thing that you can do is talk to other jumpers and make a decision that fits you. I am curious, what type of configuration do you have on your rig??? Do you use and RSL or Cypress? Slut
  4. Gloves work pretty well too if you dont have a fullface...the leather smell can cover it up quite nicely.
  5. The risers are "anti-twist" risers. They have a tubing inside them so it is going to take much more effort to put you into a line twist rather than a traditional riser which is just webbing. I dont know if it really works, I would assume in theory it would...I will let you know in 8 weeks when I get mine!!!!
  6. I have heard some people use the term dytter and audible interchangeably. I think that they are technically wrong...but what are you gonna do? Its like calling facial tissue, Kleenex. Slut
  7. In my opinion...dont buy anything new for your first rig!!! If you are really going to be doing some serious jumping you are going to be downsizing before too long. If you are going to do more recreational skydiving, get what you want. When I got my first (used) rig, I was just happy to get on the ground safely and aggressive canopy piloting was not my thing. You will soon realize that isnt the case. I figured that out 130 jumps later and 2 canopy downsizes later. I went from a 170 to a 150 to a 135. In my opinion, you cant go wrong with a Sabre. And every container is fine, just make sure that it fits you properly and that you have a rigger look at it to make sure that it is up to spec for safety. Older rigs have had updates done to them and you should get them done if they havent been taken care of already. You will have plenty of time to figure out what you want. Just keep yourself safe and learn to fly your canopy before you downsize or change to a different model. It will make you a better and safer skydiver. Rock On, Slut
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    I have taken the advice that you should have an RSL for your first 100 jumps. I have 140 in my first 6 months and I just bought new gear and I intend NOT to use one when I recieve my new rig. This is my reasoning: 1)I have remained current and have religiously practiced my emergency procedures several times before every jump. I have had one slight case of bag lock and I had no hesitation in going for my handles, in the right order and quickly! I didnt have to chop it, but I at least got over the dreaded question of "what will I do if..."? So if the sh*t does hit the fan, I feel confident that I will be ready. I will just keep good safety habits. 2)I just saw a jumper almost get his head taken off by his reserve riser when he cutaway during a spinning mal because of the quick deployment speed of his reserve. If he would have had an extra second he could have possibly gotten clear of that riser and saved himself some pain & misery. 3)Worst case scenario, you have your AAD. I know that they can malfunction, so can RSLs. So I jump like I dont have either of them on my rig. If you dont have one, get one...thats my opinion. Either way, every jumper has their own preference. Talk to some more experienced jumpers at your DZ and you will develop your own. No matter what you choose...AADs & RSLs save lives, but they can also fail. JUMP LIKE YOU DONT HAVE ONE!!! RSLs & AADs are no substitute for safety procedures. Slut
  9. Put the health issues aside...the thing that ticks me off is when people smoke around rigs or unpacked parachutes. I smoke, but I think that we should have some common sense about other people and their pissed would you be if you found a hole in your rig due to ash?!?! Slut
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    Thats cool...from what I hear, I am going to love one of these canopies.
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    Good info so far. Does anyone have any evidence on the performance of an airlocked canopy??? How does it handle & perform in high speed turns, swooping & flaring. Is there a noticeable difference??? I am demo-ing before I am purchasing. My underlying question is: Other than stability, which is worth the extra money right there, what else am I going to get for my money by buying airlocks??? Thanks, Slut
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    I am wondering what people think about airlocks. Could you please give me some feedback as to the pros & cons of having airlocks may be? Thanks, Slut