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  1. If you've ever seen the CFL's halftime show, then you would find ANYTHING to be better than it! For us Canadian's, we look forward to the NFL's show. Tee
  2. The first pic is HILARIOUS! Now that is a death grip on your harness if I have ever seen one. Too bad you don't have a pic of when you landed, obviously there must have been one heck of a smile if you kept coming back....perhaps it was that 5th attachment that changed your mind. Tee
  3. I was in a men's washroom once (don't ask ) and there was deliberate grafiti painted on the walls. There was a line on the floor about 3 feet back from the urinal and writing on the wall that said "3 point shot". Too funny. Tee
  4. It could be a James Bond/Austin Powers thing.... The Quest for the Golden Closing Pin. We could have a group of hottie fembots and all.
  5. Oh Viking...just for you, I will mean it that way.
  6. Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out. Tee
  7. Tee

    Current Resident

    I seem to get his sister Single Resident's all the time from a Mr. Love Connection. tee
  8. I know I don't get to post much anymore...but I've GOT to get in on the movie!
  9. ba ha ha ha... I remember the days when I was in the top 50. How times have changed. tee
  10. Tee


  11. Tee

    perris photos

    A good smelling skydiver with a big package ...where??? Tee
  12. Keep us posted. And as it was said to me, "I hope he comes out like a stick of butter." Tee
  13. Thanks a bunch. My hubby is thinking of swapping his 150 with his buddy's 120 (better for both of them) and my hubby is 190 out the door. I was just concerned it will blow up on him. Thanks again! tee
  14. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew the max weight for a tempo 120. I can't seem to get a hold of PISA or Aerodyne Research and the specs I found on the net say 135 pounds! If so, why is it significantly lower than say a PD 120...or does the lower pack volume answer that for me? Thanks for your input.