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  1. DuckDodger

    Skydive The Farm

    I jump here pretty regularly, but still enjoy visiting other dropzones. Can only describe the Farm as very cool. The DZO will make every effort to make sure everybody has someone to jump with and have a great time. Everybody tries to follow that lead. Just one of the great things about this place. The facilites and folks are great, so even going to the DZ and hanging out on a weather day is fun. The rigging services are excellent. The natural setting, cleared woods and ponds is good for the soul. Great place to pull up an RV or a pitch a tent. The landing area is also excellent, but on a wind day, be careful near the hanger. Land out in the open instead. There are now seperate Hi Performance and normal landing zones, which I really like too. The bus ride to the airport, about 5 miles, does add a bit of time, but who gets tired hanging with friends? After hours at the Farm is always a good time. Everybody but the bus driver gets to go out and party. I have noted a very real effort to educate and establish safe procedures on the DZ. Th Farm is all about the Georgia I grew up in and love. If you have never been to Georgia, come check it out. Like I said, this is what skydiving should be. My thanks the whole skydiving family at the Farm. I been jumping here since I wrote the previous review about 4 years ago, and all I can say about the Farm is it just keeps getting better and better. If you are a fun jumper you will love this place. I recently brought several tandems out and they all loved the place too. The boogies are great. There is plenty of free fly, swoop, and RW action going on. Camping here is not bad either. Keep on getting better and better !