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  1. I just had a cutaway and reserve rid this weekend. I have a 126, loaded about 1.6. My malfunction was a spinning thing that had two cell inflated connected to a ball of crap. I chopped. This reserve canopy opened quickly and on heading, and got me home with a nice stand up landing. As many know, PD has a demo program, where you call or e-mail and send them some money for shipping and they send you a canopy and a return shipping label. I HIGHLY recommend doing this with your reserve. Your reserve is, in many cases, probably going to fly much differently than your main, ZP vs. F-111, Square vs. elliptical, etc. It is better to have your first jump on a canopy not be after you just cut away low over Bubba McNasty's alligator farm or something. I highly recommend this canopy and I highly you fly your reserve before you REALLY need it.
  2. only the colision that resulted in the fatality. I hadn't ealized the dude had died. My feelings go out to his family and friends. I think the piont is the landing area was really crowded and that is probably the cause in most of these collisions. would you drive a car at 50 mph through a crowded, busy parking lot? no you wait until all the cars are gone, then you do burnouts and doughnuts.
  3. How is a 90 or 180 any "safer" than a 270? I can get a decent swoop and tons of speed with either. I was in Z-hills this past weekend and there was a dude that broke his leg after a canopy collision, ambulance helicopter, the whole nine yards and neither he nor the other person were swooping. same load I saw a guy do a huge 270 and land right next to nylon city just fine, no collision, no problem. same number of people on the ground...
  4. Here is the message from Larry Hill: *** ------------------------------------------------------------------- March 21, 2007 In the past 90 days seven skydivers have been lost to canopy collisions. Collisions are now the leading cause of death in skydiving. Manufacturers have provided us with safe and reliable equipment, but also equipment that is fast and highly maneuverable. The technique used by some to fly these canopies is the cause for the increased loss of life in the sport. It used to be that the low man had the right of way. Now he is the target for these small, fast canopies as their pilots swoop down from above. In spite of the illusion of control, it is obvious that even the most current and well-qualified pilots are making mistakes. These mistakes are killing innocent people as well as the canopy pilot performing the maneuver. I have been in skydiving since 1967 and have lost too many friends. As the operator of one of the world's busiest DZs, and having had more than my share of fatalities caused by canopy collisions, I feel that I must take action to prevent them from happening again. I know this will not eliminate all future collisions at Skydive Arizona, but I hope that it might prevent some. Effective immediately, turns over 180 degrees onto final will not be allowed in the North landing area. In the south landing area, patterns are now limited to turns of 90 degrees or less. The sole exception will be for skydivers exiting on low passes to practice for or participate in swoop competitions, and then only after having received approval from the management. These rules will apply to everyone at Skydive Arizona. I know I will take heat for this, but I have a thick skin to absorb it and I believe this action in necessary. I will be in contact with other DZOs and hope to convince them to follow suit. If one of my staff observes a violation of these landing rules, the person involved will be grounded for that day. A second offence will result in a one week suspension of jumping. A third offence will result in being permanently barred from jumping at Skydive Arizona. I hope USPA will take action to address the canopy collision problem and I will support any such action. We need to protect the general skydiving population from the reckless actions of a few. Larry Hill Owner, Skydive Arizona
  5. thanks for getting all that info, and giving it to us.
  6. when is a good time to go to a cross-braced? i was "swooping" (i.e. gaining speed by using front risers to get to final since 50 jumps.) I have been flying elipticals for the last 250. what is a good cross-braced to start on. I want to see you on the CPC, but i don't want to die doing it.
  7. Force drag = 1/4 C_D rho Area V^2 C_D = drag coefficient rho = density of air Area = area perpendicular to air flow V = velocity of air in short, yes Spizzzarko, you are correct.
  8. is there any one out there that has flown one of these GLS XFs? i am interested in this canopy, but don't know anything about it. sounds sweet, but i know nothing about it. i would be looking for experience with a 119 to 109 some where in there, 1.7 - 1.9. it is pretty steep at $2200, but if it flys awesome... thanks for the help.
  9. MEL what do you think the Katana line trim will do to the openings? i never jumped a katana, but i love my crossfire. Shake it and bag it it will open great even if you dump out sideways. I have a video... I am sure someone has had a Sh&ty mal on a crossfire before, i am just not sure what you do to get one? duct tape perhaps? I am all for the crossfire, but hey I will try anything three or four times...
  10. dlee

    Skydive New England

    the people here are so cool. parties are good. everyone is super friendly. the plane turns, the loads aren't too full, lots of jumps,... really really nice place.
  11. pirates obviously. ninjas have a life of miserable secrecy and killing. pirates drink and swashbuckle.
  12. i am nobody. i want to swoop with the best of them. if you got pointers i will listen. Jim it is your game. the people winning can fly straight carves or any other god damned course you think up. who ever thought you could land a full line twist? Jeffro if you read this high five a case of beer and feedback. http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=3953&string=jeffro but i got to say i am with canuckInUSA: more jumping less bitching. it is only $0.02. a thousand of these will get you a jump ticket.
  13. if you even think you might... you owe beer. just tell them you were working on your superman, bring a few beers, drink a few more and it is all good!!