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  1. I second the be good to yourself. Takes time, but blue skies are ahead peace foos
  2. I jump a Voodoo V4 with Cobalt 150 luv it Next season I will be getting another Voodoo, I think a V2 this time. foos
  3. I jump a voodoo with soft pillows. 2 weeks ago I had a cutaway, Spinning Canopy with mega line twists. When I mentally made the call to cutaway, I placed a hand on each pillow: pull cutaway, then pull reserve. Presto, a beautifully yellow canopy was above my head. The PD flew great and I even used a little front riser for a bit of a swoop. Anyhow, when I practice my procedures I always grab the pillows and simulate a twist/peal with the pull. It worked fine for me. You definitely do what you have practiced. Remember practice makes permanent, so it is important to practice good technique. foos
  4. foos

    Nice Trip

    Yo, just returned from flying out to see my nephew’s graduation. While at my sisters we took off for a day and went to Robert and Pat made their first tandems jumps. Sweet! Super facilities, and fantastic people, with lift Tickets to 15K, it doesn’t get much better. Thanks again Mike for a great DZ! l8r Foos
  5. I have about 80 jumps on a cobalt 170 Read the FAQ! it covers the important points ProPack, roll the tail tight, Do not I repeat do not grab the rear risers unless you want it to open now
  6. I have recently starting using this technique. It has helped me quite abit. Not only am I able to swoop further it also helps with my accuracy. Everything is going a little slower and makes judging the setup easer. foos
  7. 3 Tandem ? 9 Fury 245 ? 20 Saber 210 17 Safire 209 4 Falcon 195 10 Hornet 190 1 Hornet 170 14 Lotus 170 79 Cobalt 170 @ 1.25 Current Canopy More or less in order foos
  8. great story William, good job on pulling the reserve foos
  9. I like the voodoo. Great bridle, pin, and riser coverage and well as just plan comfy. Has a nice balance as well. The Mirage was on my list when I was checking out containers. I like the way the balance of the voodoo is higher on your back tho. foos
  10. Cobalt works for me I have put about 80 jumps on a cobalt loaded at 1.25. Opens nice (don't grab the risers unless you want it to open now) Ok riser pressure, great flare, lot's of fun
  11. foos


    Not sure about it fitting in the V3 It would be a tight fit at best You could call RI, but i don't think they would recommend it l8r foos
  12. foos


    Yo, I have a V4 with a Cobalt 170 & a PD176R Looks Great, and fits even better foos
  13. foos


    By control range being higher, I mean that you do not have to pull the toggles down as far to turn or flare. This also means like Merrick said that the flare and stall point happen without having to pull the toggles as far down. On the demo that I tried, by the time I pulled the toggles past my chest I was way into the flare. I am sure this can be adjusted by lengthening/shorting the control lines to suit your tastes. I thought the Lotus had plenty of flare power. Hope this helps. Bty, just jumped my new Cobalt today, Sweet! heh foos
  14. foos


    I did 14 jumps on a Lotus 170 demo this summer with a 1.2 loading. It opens nice. The Airlocks make it feel different in turbulence. The control range is a little higher that I am use to. It has plenty of flare. Snap turns are not as fast or aggressive as I like, but then again it is an intermediate canopy and Brian said it is not supposed to turn very aggressive. I look forward to trying a Samurai but I want to downsize to the 150 class canopies first. Brian is nice to deal with and very helpful. Hope this helps. foos