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  1. I can track all the way until I hit the ground have a gowaylow day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  2. we are all out of town this week!!! We really are gowaylow Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  3. thanks for the heads up. I'm here in SF rig in hand and not in jail(yet) have a gowaylowday Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  4. I do not , will not unless forced at gun point in which case I would prefer not to have a rig on SKYDIVE. Skydiving is so 90's get with the program and sell the pig rig. BASE is the only thing left. they can't take it away from us. on matter what the price of oil. Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  5. the problem is SKYDIVER'S leaving there DZ. GO back to the DZ and leave the BASE jumping up to us that know how. if you want to learn how then sell your SKYDIVING rig and buy two or three BASE rigs. travel and meet real BASE jumpers. Here is a hint we won't be a the outback. people die BASE jumping get over it. Your EFS toast was dissrespectful to the jumper that was BASE JUMPING your idiots. buy the way find a new mentor one that knows what he is doing. have a gowaylow day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  6. http://www.kmvt.com/news/local/4565246.html here is some more info have a Gowaylow day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  7. I would have to say in the conversations I have had with jumpers I have taught to BASE jump or help get their BASE # (there are a few out there), the history of the sport comes up. Ground crewing, watching videos of several jumps and just hanging around to learn all the different rigging techniques that we have learned to use over the years is important so we don't repeat the past. This is kind of like the Bonfire at the DZ. You will learn things that only a seasoned jumper has the knowledge of. You get a lot of information you would not otherwise have access to on these long nights on the radio. These are the things that will keep you alive in your early years. In these conversations, the “who did what and when” always comes up and the first name mentioned is always "Carl". I feel some of these FJC have bypassed this source of knowledge. Not that they are BAD, just different than the way things were. Only time will tell where this takes us and our issues with access. The internet and FJC have changed this part of the sport a lot. Thanks (Mick) for your early efforts. I know I would not be here typing this if I had not had the mentors I did. We have come a long way and I want to see more people enjoy the freedom of Suicide without the commitment. May you all have long BASE jumping careers. When I was a Skydiver (yes I said it) I would hear these Base jumpers talking about their jump the night before and every story began with “I thought I was going to die, then this happened or I did this and lived”. It seemed as though every jump was life or death. I used to think to myself there is no way every jump is like that. Well now that I am a BASE jumper I have those stories and that is no SHEIT!!!!!! Have a GoWayLow day Packed and walking out the door! Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  8. I know where that door is and the alarm does work much to are amazement and demise. Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  9. Thanks, tom That is great to know. I hope to see more of them out there in the future then. I thought they were all gone by now. Glad to hear you can still get one. Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  10. No it is the same card. It is the Green BASE jumping card with my BASE # on it and yes it has Carl's signature on it. GOOD on you Mate. They were given out in the USBA days. Rick can help with the history here. I have only seen one other card out there. I bet rick has his still. I will try to take a picture of it and post it for you. have a gowaylow day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  11. Thanks for the comment Rick and thanks for keeping that SPRIT bound book under the mattress and up to date. MUCH RESPECT I would love to see it someday soon. I AM A GREEN CARD CARRYING BASE JUMPER, SIGNED BY THE ONE AND ONLY "Carl Boenish " If you don't know what this statement means you have some research to do on the sport you claim to LOVE. base#449 Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  12. Thanks Tom, That was very well articulated and the point that I was wanting to get across but just did not put it all together as well as you did. I remember the day we were all jumping past DW hanging on the wall at the eagels nest. I had a 90 left and he yelled no room over here mate. lesson learned! If DW is hanging from nylon on a wall find another wall to jump. Have a GoWayLow day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  13. we are still here wingsuit in hand and continuing to shape the technologies you young jumpers have today and tomorrow. there just seems to be a lack of understanding of where we were and where we are now. With that lack of understanding comes REGRSSION when a harness won't fit around my wheelchair I will give it up to you newbies have a GOWAYLOW day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7
  14. So why would you even bother to post this in here If my hair was any shorter I would be bald!!!! have a GOWAYLOW day Have a GoWayLow day Naked BASE #7