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  1. it's not so healthy to try it with a snowboard, say hi to Z
  2. I have 100 jumps on my safire 149 @1.83, it has amazing and predectible openings, good fly, nice for learn how to use your risers (front and rear), not too fast but I make nice flares on it. When you are high after a hook turn with front risers, the canopy doesn't response very good but when you have speed.... it has excellent toogle response and an amazing flare power.
  3. Loic was here in chile making somne footage for soulflyers 2, he is "riding" between rocks, fucking amazing... he is taking the wingsuit fly to a next level
  4. i was with loic and I saw him fly, it's fucking amazing!! but theres a lot of people here who says that firebird it's much better when you push it to the limits, more like a S3
  5. Here in Chile, some skydivers are buying wingsuits. The thing is they are buying S-fly, because loic cames a few weeks ago and made amazing flies on it, specially on Valle Nevado, riding between rocks for the Soul Flyers 2 footage. In the other hand, are a few skydivers buying the new Firebird. I want to buy a new wingsuit too, but now I don't know what to buy. I want a wingsuit that I can fly on big flocks and make some loops, rools and that kind os stuff on solo and 2 or 3 way jumps Please comments and experiencies
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ok, while I applaud the OP's question about recovery arc for swooping, I think at 300 jumps, there are other things that are of more importance. There are lot's of skills to be learned in skydiving and I don't believe that at 300 jumps you have addressed the more important factors than the differences in recovery arc between two canopies. The recovery arc is of no real interest unless you are attempting HP landings" ________________________________________________- Are you kidding?
  7. Which one has longest recovery arch: safire 1 or safire 2? which one is better for swooping, better flare? pros and contras? I couldn't stand it any more. I corrected the thread title to "Arc" from "Arch" t
  8. I flew a Xfire 2 149 today and It was excellent, amazing flare and opening. It has the recovery arc and speed I was looking for. I made a 90º with front risers, very nice canopy! I jumped 8 times today whit it. I know that you think I'm a freak, but I think the freak is the person who sent me this picture (talonsky). Wing Load is just a reference, size matter, but what really matter is what are you looking for and what your coach said. In the US the canopy transition is very slow, ask to luigi canni about his transition and then try to think before send photos like this;postatt_id=43592; If you don't have the skills for a Xfire doesn't mean that somebody with a X nº of jumps could have it. Nice feet anyway! I know what are my limits and I know that a lot of people in the US has injuries with crossfires, but I think that is for be too slow on the canopy transitions, if you fly a navigator 280 for 500 jumps you can't fly crossfire, but if you learn on "high" students WL (@0.9 to 1.1) I think you maybe can fly a xfire at 300 jumps. WHAT REALLY MATTERS?: GOT SKILLS, BE FOCUS, BE SAFE AND KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
  9. Hi, I have 300 jumps, This was my progression: 10 jumps-MANTA 300 (@0.86) 90 jumps-SABRE 190 (@1.36) 30 jumps-SABRE 170 (@1.51) 170jumps-SAFIRE 149 (@1.73) I'm thinking in buy a Crossfire 2 149 (@1.73), a lot of people told me is better to buy a 139 (@1.86) because the xfire is better at that WL. I made some swoop coaching and my coach told me that I have the enough skills tou get a xfire but is better to learn with the 149 than the 139 I don't know what you think? PLease comments 139 or 149?
  11. you don't have to be a little skinny boy for a Crossfire, what are you mean? I know a lto of people with big velocity, xfires, Xaos 21........ I don't asking if I can buy a Crossfire, I asking about low wing loads on it. _Am
  12. Find a DZ that has GOOD pilots who care about you. Who said that?
  13. Thanks, I think I will try with the biggest one (149). I have my entired life for downsizing.
  14. sorry I have 95 on the 170 sabre, thanks for your answer
  15. My weight is 251 lbs with equipment, I started with a 190 sabre for at least 80 jumps (@1.32), then I went to a 170 sabre for 95 jumps (@1.48). A friend gave me his canopy to probe it, it was a safire1 149 (@1.68), I love how this canopy opens, good flare but it doesn't fly to fast and I didn't have to long flares (180º front risers) on it (better than sabres anyway). I made at least 20 jumps on it, but my friend need it, so I gave him back. Now I have to buy my own canopy, a lot of people told me that I have to buy a Crossfire 2 (xfires are very popular on my DZ), but I don't know if buy a Crossfire2 149 (@1.68) or 139 (@1.8). Some people says that a crossfire on a low wing load isn't too efficient (1.68), that I need at least @1.75, but in the other hand I heard a lot of people talking about good flare and speed on his crossfire at @1.65. I want the canopy for at least 2 years (350 jumps) but I'm not sure if the canopy flies good at this wing load (@1.68) or if I'll get bore to quick of this size and want to downsizing too quick. It will make too much difference from 1.68 to 1.8? Do I have to buy the 139 or the 149? Anybody talk about his experience, tips, advices, anything. I can't demo because I'm from Chile and I need a canopy right now. Thanks safe swoops