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  1. Does anyone knows if the new Sony HDR-GW77V works for skydiving? is it enough wide the wide angle G lens? ilke a x0.3? does anyone knows if any brand is working on a mount or a cage? I was going to buy the contour, but this is completily another thing! Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, Full HD 60p recording, 20.4MP still image capture, 3.0" touchscreen, 17x Extended Zoom, 16GB flash memory (up to 4 hrs. recording in HD LP mode), Exmor® R CMOS sensor
  2. I actually bought a Xaos 21 112. I'll let you know as soon as I jump it
  3. Hi John, did you get your canopy? Could you post a picture? I'm buying a brand new xaos21 and I want to order it Tangerine with black x-braces, tangerine ribs and with a black Xaos "X-man" loggo sewed on the 3-4-5 cells.
  4. There is at least 4 Xaos21 in my home DZ, and all of them opens as that.... really really great...but i think JFX has a little faster opening (good for a back injury) and less seeker.
  5. Anyone jumped both canopies? I'm looking for the best stress free opening on a x-braced canopy. Which one do you think opens better?
  6. Anyone has a photo using it on a helmet to see how it works, looks and fit? thanks again!
  7. I'm 6'4" jumping from a compair 8 (similar size than a cessna but with a turboprop...jejeje), so I always try to go outside first and hang from something out there, but we are big people, so try to put it on the side if you don't want to hit the case
  8. Nice!! Do you have photos of your helmet? I can't find any photo with a camera attached too see how it works...
  9. Woow, there are a lot of models... Which ones I can use on my helmet???
  10. But it seems that, like zkulls, is not a "bolt on" system... Will i need some extra fiber work, to put the padlock on my rawa?
  11. ND2? What is that for? I try to search it in and i didn't find it... Which quick release (top mount) do you recommend for a Canon XTi? I just don't care about money, I want the best quick release that i can get. Nice helmet!
  12. Do you have any photos? which lens are you using? Please attach some photos, to see how it looks your set up... Edit: spell
  13. Please send it them!! I really need the comfort of a RAWA for this beauty... It's just the perfect set up, a new RAWA with a side mount case and a cutaway system, Sony Cx100, Canon Xti, Hypeye D Pro, Conceptus tongue switch, my old 0.3x royal lens (at least for now...) and my amazing XAOS 27. When you get the RAWA for the CX100, I'll buy it to you the same day! Thanks again Mike and I'll be waiting for your news!
  14. So, I'm buying it. I have a 0,3x royal and i love it. I don't wanna loose the extra 0,2 that i have in the 0,3 than the 0,55 century... So, I don't know what to buy : -the big...BIG, BIG (78mm x25 mm) and expensive ($280) 0.3x from century -the nice low profile 0.55x from century (and let my royal fuck my quality image for inside freefly jumps) What do you think ?
  15. Thanks Mike!! I have one of the first RAWAs, for a PC109. My camcorder is broken so I bought a cx100 I'll be waiting for the definite from RAWA on the side-mount CX100/105 boxes. Please tell me when you have any news!!
  16. Anyone know if Rawa is developing a side mount case for the CX100. I found that rawa has a helmet with a side mount case for CX7/12 (photo attached). I think I'll wait for a sidemount rawa and put my Canon on top. Any info?
  17. Thanks Icon!! Just to make sure, anyone knows if this lens (century 0,55) has a noticeable better image than a royal lens? Blue ones, EDIT: spell
  18. Hey DSE, I have a few questions for you: I had a new Sanyo Xacti 1010, but when I saw this new sony cam, I sold it and bought a CX100. I'm looking for a very small lens like a Royal lens, but for hi def... I have a Royal 0.3x and I love it, lens size, weight and FOV are perfect for my use, but I know that Royal lenses hasn't enough quality for HD... Which are the smallest hi def lens (in 0.3-0.43) that you know?? Is this one a hi def lens? Do you know something like this (low profile) but in 0.3x??: [] Thanks for your help and sorry for my english! BTW.....what do you think about opteka lenses? [url][] EDIT: spell
  19. Hi guys, I have a new Sanyo Xacto 1010 HD (1920x1080) with a 0,3x Royal lens. The camcorder shot amazing quality images and videos, but I'm having problems to focus my wide angle lens. I set the FOCUS on "Super Macro" mode, for now... FOCUS options: -TOTAL RANGE (doesnt work) -STANDARD (doesnt work) -MANUAL: it doesn't focus perfectly on any of the ranges in cms scales, but it seems to almost work in the 5 cms mode (1,2,5,10,15,20,30,50,70,100,120,150,200,250,300,400,500,600,800,2000,4000...) -SUPERMACRO: is the only mode that i have a clear image, but sometimes it get focus (automatically) in the middle of a jump... I have friends who has the same sanyo 1010, but with other wide angle lenses and works great. Anyone knows someone who has this camcorder and a royal 0,3x from royal?? Please any help... Thnks
  20. Manta 300 / 0-30 jumps (@0,8) Sabre 190 / 30-105 jumps (@1,2) Sabre 170 / 105-145 jumps (@1,45) Safire1 149 / 145-275 jumps (@1,67) Crossfire2 139 / 275-575 jumps (@1,9) Xaos27 117 / right now... (@2.17)