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  1. namgrunt

    my own tribute

  2. namgrunt

    nikon d60

    REMOTE SHUTTER RELEASE?????????????????????
  3. and where is this at???????????????????? .
  4. namgrunt

    Memorial Day

    YES All gave some SOME gave ALL ..
  5. namgrunt

    2008 Texas POPS Record Attempt

    GOOD LUCK JIM we know you all can do it .
  6. namgrunt

    looking at getting a nikon D40X

    Ahhhhh just get the D-3 ..
  7. namgrunt

    Anyone using filters?

    I use UV and sometimes circular polarizer and hoods always. spend the extra bucks and get multi coated UC course I never leave the ground NIKON D200 with SIGMA 50-500 mm might be a bit much to jump .
  8. namgrunt,nannerbanner and dzmemories will be there save us an rv spot please .
  9. namgrunt

    Lens for Air to Ground Stills?

    without a second thought if it was a NIKON get a VS lens 18-200 vs, 70-300 vs,etc. Canon also makes lens that help you with vibration,movement but I can't remember what they are called. .
  10. namgrunt

    Balloon Jump Tennessee

    where in middle tennessee???? any price info$$?? ..
  11. namgrunt

    do not buy lexar

    micro drive cards ar the biggest problems very sensitive to vibration,shoch,temp,and humidity avoid micro drive type cards card memory prices are falling falling extreme 2 cards in compact flash 2mb in the 75$ range ..
  12. namgrunt

    SE Team to Skydive Alabama

    so wish we could be there for your viset,but kidney stones or the recovery from stones prevents my travel. take pictures and post please. you all stay safe in alabama ya hear and if you find yourself driving home and in the north georgia area the door is open and the light is on give us a call and we can feed your crew bob and thanks for your service ..
  13. namgrunt

    Canon digital camera-not for skydiving

    what size pictures will you be printing??? mp=print size I shoot 10.3mp and can print up to 16x20 with little if any noise/grain ..
  14. namgrunt

    Ft.Polk 1969

    no but I did basic training in June 1967 C-2-2 was the unit ..