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  1. sorry to hear of the passing of Louie rest in peace friend you will be missed my prayers to the family may he rest in peace blue skies sir
  2. rlstkev

    Dan Potts, Houston, Texas

    Hell of a nice guy , your going to be missed Dan sorry i didnt get to know you better when you where here BSBD
  3. rlstkev

    The FLAT-TOP NARROW Camera Helmet

    This helmet has it all easy access easy on and off.
  4. rlstkev

    Skydive San Marcos

    The Skydive San Marcos staff, from the management on down is very professional and friendly. Skydiving safety is of the utmost importance. They cater to the customer; it is a very well run dropzone
  5. rlstkev

    havin fun

  6. rlstkev

    awe hell here we go

  7. rlstkev

    jes doin it

  8. rlstkev

    im stuck and cant get out

  9. rlstkev


    This canopy has all you need, greet openings, dives very well but careful, likes to stay in the dive more than a stiletto. pd has once again put out another great canopy. I have put 50 jumps on my 97 and all I can say is WOW , this canopy is one of the best PD has made. I start my 270 approx. 825 ft and this thing dives very well comes out alittle on the slow side but all in all it leaves me 2-6 ft off the ground in a swoop and is very fast has great shutdown power riser inputs on the front are light as are the rears this canopy reacts very well to all inputs .this is to me a all around GREAT canopy for the advanced canopy pilot it will do everything you need it to do
  10. rlstkev

    Racer 2K3

    I demoed this CSS and I have to say by far this is the most comfortable rig ive ever purchased i have all the bells and then some on this rig love it lots will buy agian
  11. rlstkev

    Skydive Tecumseh

    the staff thier are some of the best in the sport