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  1. Try these as well: SkydiveAllegan.com Stitch-Type-Matrix.pdf Seam-Type.pdf
  2. I have no experience with them, but Cowboy has a 750W servo. http://www.cowboysew.com/sewing-machine-servo-motor.htm *edit; technically it's HighTex, but the make the Cowboy line of heavy duty sewing machines... SkydiveAllegan.com
  3. https://ziploc.com/en/products/closet-storage/big-bags/big-bags-l SkydiveAllegan.com
  4. Right now, you can get an entire loft: Consew 733R Consew SK-6F-1 Consew 199R Consew 206RB I've used these guys and gotten a newer Singer 7-33, (2)Consew 206RB-1, and a Juki LK1900-HS, all for under $3600 (which includes the cost of the auction, buyers fees, taxes, fuel and meals to go pick them up. The Juki runs beautiful, the Singer had a busted up table (but still usable), and the Consews needed one throat plate and a hook assembly. I have seen a bunch of machines that were in terrible condition, based on the auction pictures, but for the most part if you look good at the pictures or contact them with questions, you can get some pretty good stuff. SkydiveAllegan.com
  5. Yea, mine had the same disclaimer with it, what was wrong with mine was that the needle was rotated 90 degrees off... SkydiveAllegan.com
  6. You need a large press to set them... SkydiveAllegan.com
  7. Here is one up for auction in WA if anybody is interested: Juki LK-1900A-HS I got mine from government auction and it looks like new and runs great! SkydiveAllegan.com
  8. All of the ones I have seen are set up for 120v. SkydiveAllegan.com
  9. That's fine, there is no big rush. I imagine that the market for this is pretty slim and that you are probably not stocking a hundred of them on your shelf so I wanted to make sure I got on whatever list there may (or may not) be... =;> Thanks. SkydiveAllegan.com
  10. Hey Mark! Any update on this? If you've got the new eprom's in shoot me some ordering information and I'll take one off your hands... Thanks! SkydiveAllegan.com
  11. I just did a cover flap repair (binding tape, cordura x2, and thick plastic stiffener) with my 20U and a 120 needle. It breezed right through it. Your machine should have no problem with it at all. Try heating the area first. I take an iron, set very low, then sandwich the area to be repaired between a couple of towels and apply the iron until the area is warm. This may not work as well on some of the older plastics with different compounds (or if age brittled), but the newer compounds being used, particularly the Molybdenum Nylons, sew particularly well. If that rig has older plastic for a stiffener or is warped, it may be easier to just get new and replace the whole piece... SkydiveAllegan.com
  12. Nice. I'm assuming the box x requires special clamp foot/feed plates? What working size? They do it by eeprom? I just recently picked up the machine from government auction and I hadn't really looked into it (I had assumed SD card...). I don't have the optional IP-410 control panel. What are you looking at as a price for these? PM me if you want. SkydiveAllegan.com
  13. Hey Mark; What is the status on this? I would be very interested in this data/info... SkydiveAllegan.com
  14. I have several and they are in very good condition. Email me if you are interested and I'll get some pictures together. Right now they are complete rigs but I would be willing to sell them sans main. I can be reached at: [email protected] SkydiveAllegan.com
  15. More than likely it was this (or some variant): Quad Pod SkydiveAllegan.com