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  1. So, I was working in a busy loft, but recently went freelance after taking a new job offer. Some still want to use me, but I am looking into some liability insurance to cover their assets while in my possession. Anyone know of any good companies? Not again!
  2. Even easier/better: decide what canopies you want, tell Mirage, and let THEM decide what is the best fit. Also, ask your rigger, as that is the person that will have to fight that brand new rig. Not again!
  3. From what I have heard from folks working at iFly tunnels they have ditched the 2 year contracts because they would rather you walk away than be miserable and guide guests a poor experience. Not again!
  4. Those look like they were cut a bit short on the outside, or possibly that your right side one was sewn on just a bit cocked to give it that bubble like in your first picture. I just packed a tiny one and the owner was having problems with it coming open, so we did some surgery and relocated/added some stronger magnets. Sunrise are working on improving the set up, as we sent them pictures of what we did and they drop us some info on their potential fixes. Their customer service is good and their turn around times that I have seen for repairs have been pretty damn quick. Def give them a call on Monday. Not again!
  5. Having closed a reserve SPEED bag on several occasions, I cannot see how this would be any more fun to pack. The flap never lines up as well as I would like and I just end up fighting to get rubber bands through the correct holes. I have a Party Bag on my two newest Infinities and I enjoy them quite a bit. Not again!
  6. Glad everyone likes the video. I got sick of watching noobz constantly almost break the door, figured everyone could benefit. And it looks like we might have to have a convention and offer moustache rides for everyone not lucky enough to have a fuzzy tickler on the upper lip. Not again!
  7. Spaceland has been Sigma for ages now, no Examiners for that that I know, just DJ Marvin with the Ratings Center for UPT/USPA tandem/coach/AFF. Not again!
  8. I have been doing a bit of looking online, saw some Stimpson and ClipsShop bench-mounted setters. Anyone have advice for a decent setter for setting SS grommets in the occasional set of risers, replacement D-bag, or in a stiffener flap that has just had been replaced? I have come to expect to pay for my new toys, so I WILL pay for quality, but not needing to go the route of pneumatic. Basically, something to use at home for 0s, 2s, 4s, and 5s. Not again!
  9. I have had good luck with Pete Swan, as well. Simon Wade in Boulder City, NV is also good for after market line sets. He is available at Not again!
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  13. The PDFs are all just blue highlighted links, most at the top of each section. Good to know about that, just sucks that they are "for purchase" instead of for general consumption/education. Thanks for that, though. Not again!
  14. I was looking for some vendors for Cordura, webbing, and hardware and happened across this site: They have a bunch of PDFs about MIL SPEC standards. Might be an interesting read for some. Not again!