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  1. Anyone know of an Eclipse Tandem Examiner in the midwest or south? I realize there are a couple on the west coast but was hoping there was one closer to OK/TX. Thanks.
  2. My 3 works great too, and since I got it as a choice.
  3. Thinking of getting hand mount for GoPro 3. Any experiences or thoughts on either the Floydie or Cookie? They're both about the same price so just need some advice. Thanks.....
  4. The Hypeye Pro Expansion Kit supposedly allows the shooting of still photos while video recording. The CX-150 has this feature. Does anyone use this or have experience with this expansion kit on the 150? Thanks.... AE
  5. Put about a hundred jumps or so on a Strato Star. It packed huge in a SST Racer with a rip cord and R-3 releases. I still have scars on the heals of my hands from the landings. It was a great CRW canopy though. I like it on top!
  6. I support the government, just not all of it's decisions. Besides, my check comes from the American taxpayers. The government only administers and distributes the checks. BTW...thanks for the check last week.
  7. Congratulations to President Bush. His war in Iraq killed 40 Americans this week. Aren't we tired of our boys being killed in some third-world s**t hole? I know I am. When will it end....when 55,000 Americans are in Vietnam? Ahhhh....the power of the vote. Thoughts and prayers to the families of those killed.
  8. I heard about it. Is there a reason I can't view it? Thanks, Alan
  9. I can remember several scary if not stupid things I've witnessed over the years. 1. Lake City, FL - 1981: We were all students and we showed up to jump at this fly-by-night drop zone. The DZ operator, who was also the pilot, was there by himself and didn't have a JM or any other jumpers there. When he found out who had the most jumps among us (12), he made that person the JM while he flew the plane. After we left the plane (via static line), the DZ owner/pilot JMed our 12-jump "JM" while he flew the plane. The first guy down ran the "arrow" for the rest of the students. 2. Somewhere , FL - 1982: Drinking beer all day at the DZ including packing, in the plane, and under canopy. We would stuff our jumpsuits with cans of beer and see how many we could guzzle while under canopy. Luckily, the parachutes were much slower then. 3. Somewhere , FL - 1984: While doing a Mr. Bill jump, a pilot chute was thrown over the horizontal stab of a 206. The bridle cut the end off the horizontal stab and the pilot barely landed the plane. That one cost me some bucks. Somewhere , OK: 1997: I was doing a tandem when the AAD accidently fired at 1000'. I grabbed the cutaway handle and watched the bag drop off and the reserve begin to inflate. When the reserve began to inflate, I chopped the main. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell the student to let go of the main toggles. All I can say is that I am here to write this.....barely. There are a couple of more, but I have to wait until the statute of limitations run out. Check back in a couple of years.
  10. I also had a Pegasus, then a Firelite, which was the Flight Concepts verson of the Firefly. Both were great overall canopies and were especially good for CRW. I thought I was way-cool, because at the time (1984), the Firelite was the fastest turning canopy on the market at 172 ft2. I jumped it until my first Sabre in 1991. After one Sabre jump, I never went back to the Firelite, because the Sabre performance was light years ahead of the Firelite. After the Sabre was introduced in 1989, it set the performance standard which pretty much doomed canopies like the Fury, Firelite, Cruiselite, and Cloud. These canopies ended up being primarily used for CRW and Base jumping.
  11. 2700+ Jumps and 8 reserve rides over 22 years . 2 CRW wraps (round reserves) 2 Malfunctioned Mains (Line twist and tension knot) 3 Tandems (2 Drogue over nose and 1 broken lines) 1 Tandem AAD misfire (Sentinal) at 1000'
  12. During tandems, I had one guy piss himself, two people throw up on me, and one pass out, all under canopy. On an AFF, I had a guy go into convulsions just before exit. Are we having fun yet?